NEW: Erasmus+ Study FAQ

Students can now find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Erasmus+ Study Mobility Program in our new Erasmus+ FAQ document. Please refer to the Contact section and do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Description of the Mobility

Erasmus+ KA103 is an EU program intended to promote student and faculty mobility and encourage cross-border cooperation between European universities. Grants are available for exchange programs and also for student internships. Students studying abroad in the 28 EU member countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the FYR of Macedonia, and Turkey are eligible to apply for Erasmus+ grants.

  • Undergraduate students must have completed at least one academic year and graduate students must have completed at least one semester of their academic program at the time of application.
  • Applications are received regularly for the following academic year and this means that a 1st year student accepted for Erasmus attends the university abroad (host university) in his/her second year in either Fall or Spring semester.
  • Türkiye scholarship students are allowed to participate in the Erasmus+ exchange program, but they will not be receiving a scholarship  from YTB during their exchange period. In order to participate in the program, students should inform Koç University Office of International Programs (OIP) with a petition.
  • Students participating in the Erasmus program continue to pay tuition fees at KU but are exempt from tuition at the host university, where they spend their semester/year abroad.
  • Students may continue to receive scholarships, grants and loans as if they are in Turkey.
  • Participating in the Erasmus program does not mean the student is transferring to another university. Students can participate in the Erasmus program for a maximum of 12 months. Students must return to KU at the end of the Erasmus period and complete their program at KU.
  • Important Note: Switzerland is not an Erasmus+ program country. Even though the selection and application process is conducted by our Office for all countries, students who are nominated to Switzerland are not funded by Turkish National Agency. The country has its own grant for these students. Applications for Switzerland is done as part of Global Exchange program.


Duration of Mobility

Mobility is conducted according to the minimum  and maximum duration of time determined by the  European Commission. Study mobility should be minimum 3 months, maximum 12 months. KU students usually are able to spend a semester (3 to 5 months) at one of the partner universities.

A student may receive Erasmus mobility grants for a maximum of 12 months in any study cycle (Bachelor/ Master/PhD).

However, this rule is different for programs such as integrated PhD programs and for programs that two cycles of study are combined such as Medicine. The max. duration of mobility for such programs is 24 months in total.

Extension of Mobility

Extension of exchange semester could only happen if the following conditions are met:

  • Semester extension can only take place from Fall to Spring. There cannot be a break (except for official holidays, semester break, etc.) between semesters.
  • The student should inform Koç University OIP team regarding the extension request in late September in Fall Semester.
  • Extension can only take place if there is available student quota /budget for partner university.
  • The student cannot extend his/her term as a “zero-grant” student. Mobility should be fully funded. If Koç University does not have enough budget left for a partner country, extension is not be approved. (Rule for participating in the program as a “Zero-grant participation” is different than the extension rule as a zero-grant participant. It is possible to participate as a zero-grant student but the student accepts not to receive grant for the exchange duration in the beginning of the process; right after the selection & placement procedure by Koç University OIP.)
  • Extension requests are evaluated at the same time and students are placed based on their initial placement score.

Interruption of Mobility

  • Mobility should be completed without any interruption. For study mobility semester breaks and official holidays are not counted as interruption.
  • In case the mobility is interrupted due to a force majeure*, the grant is paid just for the actualized period of the mobility if the force majeure is documented.
  • If the mobility is interrupted without any force majeure, the mobility is cancelled and the grant already paid has to be fully refunded (70% of the total grant) to Koç University.

(* Force Majeure is an unforeseeable exceptional situation or event beyond the participant’s control and not attributable to error or negligence on his/her part and prevents participant from fulfillment of liability under the Agreement)

  • If there is a “Force Majeure” (mücbir sebep) situation, the student should immediately get in touch with OIP and OIP will seek Turkish National Agency’s advice and approval on the matter. If Turkish National Agency approves the situation as “Force Majeure”, then OIP will inform the student and the student will be able to return home before the end of the mobility period.

Where Can I Go?

Please have a look at our “Institutional Partner List” to see the full list of partners.

Institutional Partners List

When Can I Apply?

Please refer to OIP’s Application and Selection Calendar .

How Can I Apply?

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Applicants must be registered at KU as full-degree undergraduate or graduate students at the time of application.
  • Undergraduate students must have completed at least one academic year and graduate students must have completed at least one semester and have a valid CGPA score. They must also continue studies at the same level at KU in the following year, i.e. the year of the exchange.
  • Students studying in the English Language Preparatory Class are not eligible to apply.
  • Undergraduate students should have at least 2,2 CGPA, Graduate students should have at least 2,5 CGPA. Required English Proficiency Score is min. 80 TOEFL (IBT) or min. 550 Koç Institutional TOEFL or min. 6.5 IELTS and min. 60 KUEPE
  • The student must not have been on an Erasmus+ exchange for more than a total of 12 months per study cycle (Bachelor’s, Master’s and research studies are counted separately), including the time period applied for in this application.

Specific requisites for PhD students

  • Must be enrolled on a full-time PhD program at the time of application
  • The proposed mobility period must fit into the PhD student’s program of study/research
  • Must have identified a potential supervisor at the host institution

Application Requirements

  • Minimum required CGPA 2.20 for undergraduate, 2.50 for graduate and postgraduate students.
  • Language Requirement: Koç University Institutional TOEFL*(550 PBT), TOEFL (550 PBT/ 80 IBT) or IELTS Score Card (min. 6.5), KUEPE** (Min 60) Students can apply using their expired language scores as well.

Students who wish to apply using their KUEPE scores must check the Erasmus+ Partners accepting KUEPE list before making their preferences.

*Students can get their Koc TOEFL scorecards from the Registrar’s Office.  Please keep in mind that it will take a couple of days for Registrar’s Office to issue your TOEFL or IELTS scorecards. You are asked to upload your English Proficiency Proof on the online application form ( ).

**Students who wish to apply using their KUEPE scores will need to take a screenshot of their KUSIS homepage, where KUEPE scores are shown. If students have any technical issues with screening their KUEPE results on their KUSIS homepage, they must contact the IT department to solve the issue. Students can also contact the Registrar’s Office and English Language Center to get their KUEPE results as well.

If you do not have an official TOEFL, IELTS or KUEPE scorecard, you have to take a new test. Please note that you need to plan your application accordingly as it takes time to get the result of English Proficiency tests.

Exceptions to the English proficiency tests (TOEFL, IELTS) include only lifetime residents of Australia, Canada (other than Quebec), New Zealand, United Kingdom or the United States (other than Puerto Rico). Students who have recently and successfully completed at least 4 years of rigorous academic studies in one of the countries listed might also be exempted.  Their English proficiency score calculated on KUAPP will be the min. English  Language admission requirement of the program at KU they are admitted. Students English Language Score will be automatically calculated as the equivalent of 80 TOEFL IBT unless the student submits an IELTS or TOEFL score, Placement will be based on 50% GPA and 50 % TOEFL, so the higher scores students have, the better chance of placement students will have.

Application Documents

The following documents should be uploaded on kuapp at the time of the application.

Document Type Mandatory/ If applicable
Transcript of Records* Mandatory
Language Scorecard Mandatory
Special Needs Statement & Proving documents If applicable
Substitutive documents for children of martyr and veteran people If applicable
Substitutive documents for students who are covered by 2828 numbered Social Services Law If applicable
Registrar’s Office can issue your transcript online and send it to you via e-mail. Please request your transcript on KUSIS and ask the Registrar’s Office to send you your transcript online. Please upload ALL PAGES of your transcript as one single PDF file.

Application Method

Application is done via OIP’s online application system: If you have not applied to any of the Mobility Programs offered by OIP via, please first create a “Preliminary Application” for yourself as shown below.

Watch the demo video of the application process here;



  • Erasmus students are selected by their sending higher education institution in a fair and transparent way.
  • Selection is done based on 50% Academic achievement + 50% Language score.
  • In addition to academic achievement and language score, if the applicant has benefited from another Lifelong Learning Program or Erasmus+ mobility scheme while pursuing the same level of academic degree, 10 points will be subtracted for each and every activity utilized (regardless of whether internship or education) when calculating academic achievement and language score averages.
  • Disabled students receive +10 points if proving documents are provided in the application.
  • Children of martyr and veteran people receive +15 points if proving documents are provided in the application.
  • Students who are covered by 2828 numbered Social Services Law receive +10 points if proving documents are provided in the application.
  • Students who want to participate in mobility programs in their birth country receive -5 points.
  • The OIP calculates and lists the average score of each applicant based on the calculation explained above.
  • All applicants are ranked from the highest to the lowest score by faculty, and the top-scoring students are selected depending on faculty quotas, by the selection committee.
  • Results are notified to all applicants in written format via e-mail and OIP website and are also announced on OIP’s Bulletin Board.

Additional Evaluation criteria for PhD students:

  • Mobility Agreement Proposal feasibility and contribution to common academic interests between the sending and receiving partner institutions.
  • PhD students are advised to identify potential supervisor(s) at the host institution before applying for Erasmus+ Worldwide study program.
  • Relevance to institutional relations between the sending and receiving partner institutions.

IMPORTANT: Special Cases

If an application and selection round for Erasmus+ Worldwide Study and Internship program takes place at the same time, and if a student applies to both programs at the same time, then the following applies:

  • If a student has not participated in an Erasmus+ Worldwide program before: 10 points are deducted from the student’s overall score for one of the programs (either study or internship), and the student selects the program for deduction to be implemented. The student informs OIP about this decision via a written petition.
  • If a student has participated in an Erasmus+ Worldwide program before: 10 points are deducted for the program that the student has participated before and 20 points are deducted for the other program that the student applies.


Right to Appeal

Selected candidates will not have more than seven days to accept or reject the offered grant via

If your application was neither selected for a grant nor included in the reserve list, you will be informed about the reasons and have at least one week to appeal against this decision to the Selection Committee of Koc University via .


Being placed into an Erasmus+ ICM partner school does not guarantee your eventual acceptance from the host university. The partner universities reserve the right to accept/reject student applications for exchange. Your acceptance will be valid only after their confirmation.

An eligibility check is done before nominating a student. Nominations are conducted by the Office of International Programs. You are not required to do anything for the nomination process except submitting your Student Commitment Form to OIP.

Please note that nominations take time and that Fall semester students are nominated before Spring semester students.

Erasmus+ Grant and Payment Procedure


The number of grantees is determined by the National Agency in accordance with the grant allocated to Koç University for the year.

  • Being selected for and nominated to a university within the Erasmus+ program does not automatically guarantee Erasmus+ funding. The amount of funding available and the number of students that can be funded with that amount in any year can only be known after the funds have been made available by the Turkish National Agency.
  • The amount of available funding and the minimum requirements are subject to change. The guide published by the National Agency should be consulted for valid rules and regulations of the application term.
  • Koç University receives the Erasmus grants from National Agency and therefore the grant distributions are assented for each student around July.

Grants are paid to students in two instalments. 70% of the grant is paid before departure in 30-45 days following the submission of before mobility documents to OIP, and the remaining 30% is paid after the student submits all required after mobility documents, depending on the mobility duration as verified by the Certificate of Attendance and taking into account the student’s level of success and fulfilling their responsibilities. Payments are made in Euros, which requires a Euro bank account in Yapi Kredi Bank.


Grant Amount

Erasmus+ Study program provides monthly stipend to students based on the table below. Koç University holds the right to determine the maximum duration for grant payment.


Countries In accordance with Daily Expenses Host Countries in Mobility 
2021-22 Academic Year First Call
Monthly Study Mobility Grant (€)
1st and 2nd Group Program Countries Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Iceland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Malta 500
3rd Group Program Countries Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, Croatia. 300


Countries In accordance with Daily Expenses Host Countries in Mobility 
2021-22 Academic Year Second and Third Call
Monthly Study Mobility Grant (€)
1st and 2nd Group Program Countries Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Cyprus, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Greece 600
3rd Group Program Countries Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Macedonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia 450


Grant Deduction and Repayment

Deductions and/or repayment may apply to students who do not fulfill their responsibilities and/or are unsuccessful. Grant deduction and/or repayment may take place in case of the following:

  • When participant completed the 19-11 ECTS course load successfully, 30% of the grant based on total duration of mobility shall be deducted. When participant completed the 10-0 ECTS course load successfully, the grant that has been paid before the mobility (70%) shall be refunded by the student.
  • If the participant does not complete the required after mobility documents in line with the terms of the agreement, 30% of the grant based on total duration of mobility shall be deducted.
  • If the participant does not submit the partner university transcript of records and approved certificate of participation which are the proof for fulfillment of the mobility, the grant that has been paid before shall be refunded by the student.
  • If the participant does not complete the online final participant report(EU Survey) after the mobility, %20 of the grant will be deducted. If OLS exams (before and after mobility) are not completed, 5% of the grant based on total duration of mobility shall be deducted. If the student fails to complete the second test,5% of the grant will be deducted.
  • If a participant fails to submit and complete all the required paperwork to Koc University on time, the participant will be obliged to pay the grant received (70%) back to Koc University.
  • If a student returns home country before the end of the mobility period and/or before the min. required duration (min. 3 months), then sanctions regarding the Erasmus+ grant will be implemented. If there is a “Force Majeure” situation, student should immediately get in touch with OIP and OIP will seek Turkish National Agency’s advice and approval on the matter. If Turkish National Agency approves the situation as “Force Majeure”, then OIP will inform the student and the student will be able to return home before the end of the mobility period. The student will only receive the grant for valid days of mobility. If the student returns home without getting in touch with OIP first, then the mobility will be considered as invalid and the student will be asked to return the initial grant (70%) back to Koc University.


Zero Grant Students

Students are able to participate in Erasmus+ Study program without receiving a grant. However, it should be noted that the students have to go through the same application & selection procedures and also submit the required documents (before-during-after mobility) to OIP.


Erasmus Disability Grant

  • Additional grants are available for students with disabilities and health conditions wishing to participate in an Erasmus+ placement and where participation would not be possible without extra financial support.
  • The allowance is offered when disabilities or health conditions lead to additional mobility costs, which exceed the maximum grant allocations allowed, and which cannot be recovered from other sources. The grant covers approved actual costs.
  • Applications for the Erasmus Disability Grant must be submitted to OIP prior to the start of the mobility.
  • Student’s application must include a statement from a doctor or other authority confirming the disability or health condition, its severity, the impact on the Erasmus+ mobility, additional requirements and additional costs to be met. A detailed estimate of costs is required.
  • The application should provide information on any other sources of financial support that the student receives and why this is insufficient to cover extra costs.
  • If you have any questions please send an e-mail to
  • Roadmap for Students with Special Needs 
  • Special Need Support Request Form 


Additional Grant Opportunity for Students with Financial Needs

This part is only applicable to students who hold Turkish citizenship:

Economically disadvantaged students who are selected for the Study Mobility will be paid an extra grant of 250 € per month from the study mobility budget, in addition to the amount of monthly grant specified in the grant table.

  • Students who are covered by the 2828 numbered Social Services Law (official proving document is needed)
  • Students who receive orphan’s pension (official proving document is needed)
  • Children of martyr and veterans (official proving document is needed)
  • Student or the student’s parents receive financial aid (muhtaçlık aylığı)

(In order to benefit from the additional grant, during the application phase, the student must submit the document indicating either the student or the student’s parents receive financial aid from municipalities, public institutions such as Ministries, Social Welfare and Solidarity Foundations, T.R. Directorate General of Foundations, Turkish Red Crescent, Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD). Information regarding the way and the period in which the document is to be submitted to OIP will be announced to the students in the program announcements and/or via e-mails by OIP)


NEW: Green Travel Grant

With the new Erasmus+ Program students are encouraged to use low-emissions means of transport for the main part of the travel, such as bus, train or car-pooling.

Students who will use these means of transport will receive a single contribution of 50 EUR as a top-up amount to the individual support and up to 4 days of extra grant to cover travel days for a return trip, if relevant.


NEW: Train instead of Plane (TIP) Scheme for UNIC Universities

Students who will study at one of UNIC partners and use train to travel to host destination will be eligible for applying for UNIC Train Instead of Plane (TIP) scheme.

For detailed information about the scheme please visit: Go Green: Train Instead Plane

Before Mobility Procedure and Documents

After you are selected please note that you will be expected to submit documents below to OIP:

  • Erasmus+ Study Program Commitment Letter (Turkish)
  • Erasmus+ Study Program Commitment Letter (English): This letter should be read by the student carefully and signed version should be submitted to OIP.
  • Learning agreement for Study: Students have to fill in all the parts on the Learning Agreement electronically. Hand-written Learning Agreement is not accepted by OIP. Students are asked to fill in the Learning Agreement and sign it. Students should also get the signature of the host university’s representative, KU Departmental Erasmus Coordinator. Electronically filled out and fully signed LA should be submitted to OIP office. To see how to fill out a learning agreement, please check here.
  • Letter of acceptance: You are asked to submit the “Letter of Acceptance” when you receive it from the host university.
  • Course Equivalency Form: Similar to Learning Agreement, you are asked the fill out the Course Equivalency Form in coordination with your Departmental Academic Erasmus Coordinator. The participant is required to submit the approved & signed form to OIP office. College of Engineering students go through an online CEF procedure. These students are still required to submit the approved document to OIP.
  • Insurance Coverage: Students are required to have international insurance coverage for the duration of their mobility and submit the proving paperwork to OIP. The following coverage is suggested:
    • Health insurance coverage: Usually basic coverage is provided by the national health insurance of the participant as well during his/her stay in another EU country through the European Health Insurance Card. However, the coverage of the European Health Insurance Card or private insurance may not be sufficient, especially in the case of repatriation and specific medical intervention. In that case, complimentary private insurance might be useful. It is the responsibility of the sending institution of the student to ensure that the participant is aware of health insurance issues.
  • Online Linguistic Support (OLS): Once students complete above-mentioned documents, they will be assigned an online language test via e-mail by OIP. This test has to be completed within the timeline provided. If it is not completed on time, sanctions mentioned in the grant agreement will be implemented.
  • Grant Agreement: Once the student completes and submits all the documents to OIP office, a draft version of the Grant Agreement is shared with the student by OIP. The student is obliged to fill in necessary places (i.e. bank account details, etc.), sign each page of the agreement and sign the signatory part of two copies of the agreement. The student is then asked to submit 2 signed copies to OIP office.

During & After Mobility Procedure and Documents

During Mobility

Documents to be submitted by student upon arrival at the host university:

·      Learning Agreement (During): If the student wants to make a change on the Learning agreement, “During” part of the LA should be filled out electronically. The revised agreement should be signed by the host university’s representative, KU Departmental Erasmus Coordinator and Koc University Erasmus Institutional Coordinator (Dr. Yiğit Sayın). This copy should be submitted to OIP via e-mail.

·        Course Equivalency Form (During/After): If the student makes changes on the course list, then this form should filled out and approved by the Departmental Academic Erasmus Coordinator. This form could also be sent to OIP after mobility.

After Mobility

Following the completion of the program, student has to take the following steps.

·        Certificate of Attendance : Submit the Certificate of Participation to OIP.

·        Learning Agreement-After Mobility: Submit “After Mobility” part of LA after getting the required signatures.

·        Fill online EU Survey: EU Survey is needed to be filled out online. OIP will be sending you the link of the survey through the Mobility Tool.

·        OLS: Students are required to complete the 2nd OLS test at the end of their mobility period.

·        Transcript: You are required to submit a copy of your transcript to OIP. Most of the time, partner universities send transcripts to OIP and then inform students. Students are required to collect the original copy of their transcript from OIP and take it to their faculties for transfer of courses with grades and credits.

Who Is My Erasmus+ Coordinator?

Departments/Colleges Coordinators Room Phone E-mail
School of Medicine Dr. Ozan Gökler Topkapı
School of Nursing Gülcan Bağçivan Topkapı 2675
College of Adm. Sci. & Econ.
International Relations Ziya Öniş CASE 150 1670
Business Administration Zekiye Selvili CASE 240 1456
Economics Murat Usman CASE 248 1553
College of Soc. Sci. & Hums.
Psychology Yasemin Kisbu-Sakarya SOS Z13D 1114
Media and Visual Arts Özge Subaşı SOS 148 1781
Archeology History of Arts Ivana Jevtic SOS 310 1712
English Lang. & Comparative Litr. Mert Bahadır Reisoğlu SOS 273 1528
History Can Nacar SOS Z11B 1130
Philosophy Eylem Özaltun SOS Z22C 1116
Sociology Fatoş Gökşen SOS 258 1311
Law School Yasin Alperen Karaşahin SOS 151 1825
College of Science
Mathematics Hasan İnci SCI 268 1687
Molecular Bio. & Genetics Halil Kavaklı ENG Z36 1708
Chemistry Umut Aydemir SCI Z61 1449
Physics Özgür Müstecaplıoğlu SCI 155 1424
College of Engineering
Chemical and Biological Engineering Özlem Keskin ENG 224 1538
Computer Engineering Öznur Özkasap ENG 144 1584
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Sinem Çöleri ENG 117 1535
Industrial Engineering Metin Türkay ENG 205 1586
Mechanical Engineering Erdem Alaca ENG 251 1727
KU Institutional Erasmus Coordinator Yiğit Sayın DOS B334
Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities Tuğçe Şatana CASE Z13 1883
Graduate School of Business Nida Bektaş SNA A73 1606

Required Course Load and Recognition of Courses

  • If you are participating in the program for one semester you are obliged to take 30 ECTS credits (15 KU credits).
    • Students who achieve between 19-11 ECTS in total will not receive rest of their grant (30% of the total grant). Students achieve  10 ECTS and lower must return the grant they have received (70% of the total grant).
  • If you are participating in the program for one trimester you are obliged to take 20 ECTS credits (10 KU credits).
    • In order to receive the rest of the grant (30%), minimum 2/3 of the 20 ECTS should be successfully completed.
  • If you are participating in the program for two semesters you are obliged to take 60 ECTS credits.
  • After your mobility you have to transfer the courses taken at the partner university with their grades and credits (Full Recognition).


To cancel your application after submitting the Student Commitment Letter, you need to submit the cancellation petition to OIP.

You can find the English version here.

It should be noted that students, who cancel their exchange after the “notice period” provided by OIP right after the announcement of placement results, would lose -10 points if they apply for Erasmus+ Worldwide Program again in the future.

Practical Matters


If you do not have a passport or you need to extend it when you submit an application, please download your “student letter” via e-devlet and use that document for passport fee exemption when you apply for a passport.


Remember that the country that you are traveling to may require you to obtain a visa. Please make sure that you know the requirements of the visa application for that country. Check the website of its consulate. Note that only the consulates can provide correct/up-to-date information about the visa procedures; our office is neither authorized nor capable of overseeing your visa applications. Consulates often require a Letter of Acceptance (signed and stamped) and a letter proving your financial funds.

Students can download their visa letter from KUAPP. System automatically writes your monthly grant amount on the visa letter, it does not mean your grant is guaranteed until OIP announces the grants to all selected students.

Residence Permit

  • You may need a residence permit during your stay at the host country
  • Please read any pre-arrival material provided by the host university
  • Get necessary documents ready before your departure
  • Follow Erasmus/ International Office’s instructions while you are there


  • Many partner universities offer on/off campus accommodation
  • Please note that accommodation arrangement is your responsibility
  • Mind the deadlines/procedures regarding housing application provided by the host university
  • Make research on student recommendations
  • For private accommodation, we advise you to check the following;
    • Area: is the area safe? Do other students choose to live there?
    • Location: is it near the campus? If not, what is the transportation cost? Do the university provide free-transportation card?
    • Price: does it include bills?

Health and Safety

  • Follow the rules & regulations of the host country
  • Keep your distance from any large political demonstrations
  • Show respect and sensitivity for cultural, political and social issues
  • If there is a secuity concern, contact your family/university ASAP
  • In case of theft; keep a couple of copies of your passport and residence permit at different locations
  • If your passport is stolen, inform Turkish Consulate ASAP
  • If you have an accident or major health problem, inform your family, host university and KU OIP ASAP
  • Inform your host university & close friends about your emergency contacts’ details


For any inquiries regarding exchange programs, please open a track-it by sending an e-mail to or open a track-it via

You can also contact our Outgoing Student Advisors by booking an appointment on their office hours. You can use audio or video call on Google Meet for advising on exchange programs.
To book an appointment with Gizem Güler, please click here. To book an appointment with Ömer Eskici, please click here. To book an appointment with Tuğba Güven, please click here.