In partnership with Fudan University, Koç University will be hosting a conference “When China Meets Türkiye: Energy Matters,” to be held in Istanbul, 5-6 December 2012.

We intend for the conference to mark not only the growing partnership between Fudan and Koç Universities, but also an occasion to celebrate 2012 the Year of China in Türkiye, and we look to celebrate that with an occasion that brings both countries together around a subject of mutual interest.

In choosing the theme of energy, we wanted to focus the conversation on a topic of global significance, whose ramifications reach across disciplines and borders. The session topics are: “The Business of Energy” (delivered in a keynote address), “Developments in Energy Technologies”, “Investment Opportunities in Energy”, “Environmental Aspects of Energy Production”, and “The Global Resource: Collaboration and Competition”. As a platform for exchange, the conference serves to emphasize the importance of academic and business initiatives in the energy realm between China and Türkiye – all in the context of a globalized world. After the first day of the Conference, a one day “Poster Session and Competition” with the theme of “Energy Technologies” is organized on 8th of November, 2012; and 30 successful graduate students from universities are invited to present their posters and be part of the poster competition. In addition, there are key note speakers among Turkish and Chinese academicians during the morning.