A.     Outbound Faculty Programs

KU offers a variety of opportunities for its scholars and researchers to visit partner- and non-partner universities.

In addition to the regular exchange programs, there is also a list of some other outbound programs offered by KU

Koç – Harvard Visiting Scholar Program

Harvard University – Koç University Visiting Scholar Program plays an important role in increasing collaborative efforts between the two universities. Since 2004, nearly 30 Koç University faculty members have participated in this program.

All faculty members with research appointments (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor) can apply for this program. The arrangements at Harvard University are coordinated in collaboration with the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES) of Harvard University.  Participants may visit other departments if they make the arrangements themselves.

Duration: 4 to 8 weeks

Costs: No costs for program participation itself; KU supports outgoing scholars financially.

Application Deadline: End of January

For further details, please click  here.

Koç University Summer Professional Development Program for Lecturers and Instructors

The objective of this program is to support full-time lecturers and instructors working at Koç University to participate in international programs that will support their professional development by visiting international universities and/or participating in training programs.

Duration: 4 weeks

Costs: No costs for program participation itself; KU supports the outbound lecturers and instructors financially

Application Deadline: End of January

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Travel and Organization Support Procedure to Ku Scholars And Reserachers for Project Development Activities

The purpose of this procedure is to designate and document the principles of the support scheme managed by Research, Project Development and Technology Transfer Directorate. The scheme aims to support travels and organizations by Koç University researchers during the preparation of project applications for national and international funds.

Application Deadline: On a rolling basis, the latest 15 days before the trip

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B.     Programs Offered By Partner Institutions

Many partner institutions of KU have schemes in place that invite scholars and faculty members to conduct various activities.

King Monkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (Kmutt) – Faculty of Engineering

Visiting Professor

Overseas professors are invited to give lectures at Faculty of Engineering to International Program students.

Duration: 3 to 5 weeks for 15 hours of lecture during August to November or January to April

Support: Airfare, accommodation, visa and local transportation

Postgraduate Thesis Defense External Examiner

Overseas professors are invited to join a PhD proposal or a final M.Eng(phD thesis defence board of examiners at KMUTT.

Duration: 3 days in November to December or April to May

Support: Airfare, 2night accommodation and local transportation

Universitas Indonesia Researchers and Scholars Visit Program – Ui-Resolv

UI-RESOLV is a Visiting scholar program particularly designed to facilitate international academics and researchers to conduct various activities (exchange expertise, carry out research, deliver lectures and engage with UI students) for two weeks at Universitas Indonesia and to support UI scholars visiting our partner universities. Preferred research areas: Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Science and Technology.

Duration: up to 2 weeks

Support: Accommodation, local transportation, stipend for up to two weeks (up to IDR 15.000.000 – depending on duration)

Application deadlines:

Term 1: 1 January – 31 March

Term 2: 1 April – 30 June

Term 3: 1 July – 31 September

Term 4: 1 October – 31 October

For further details, please contact ui-resolv@ui.ac.id or uiresolv@gmail.com.

Aarhus University: Au Summer University – Guest Lecturers

Each year Aarhus University invites international guest lecturers to teach courses at AU Summer University. This year, 45 international guest lecturers spend part of their summer teaching in AU Summer University is usually divided into two consecutive terms.

The programme consists of a portfolio of courses taught in English at Bachelor’s or Master’s level within the fields of Culture and Society, Media and Communication, Business, Management and Economics, Psychology, Political Science, Law, Health, Natural Science and Technology.
All teaching at AU Summer University is based on current research and has a strong international perspective. The close link between research and education ensures the quality and depth of the courses. AU Summer University welcomes Danish and international full-time students, exchange students and free movers. Class sizes range from 20-50 students.

Duration: 1 Summer Term

Support: Teaching Salary; the International Centre at Aarhus University offers a housing guarantee, visa service, and information about the tax number application, meaning overall assistance in practical issues before and during the event. Information and support related to the Danish teaching and grading system will also be provided. All guest lecturers are invited to participate in a social programme.

Application Deadline: The deadline for applications for AU Summer University 2021 is 15 August, 2020 at midnight (Danish time). We expect to open up for applications around 1 July, 2020.

For further details, please click here.

Universidad Del Pacifico – International Week: Guest Lecturers

The International Week at UP is an academic event organized by Universidad del Pacífico aimed at complementing its participants’ education (undergraduate and alumni students).

This event fosters the internationalization at home: it exposes the academic community to international and intercultural topics. Participants can choose from over twenty seminars in Spanish and English conducted by renowned international lecturers coming from leading institutions in their fields.

UP is looking for visiting professors to teach one seminar of 16-hour and 32-hour in the fields of Business Engineering, Information Engineering, Economics, Finance, Business Administration, Marketing, International Business and Accounting for our undergraduate students.

Professors must attach to their application a PhD or Doctor’s  degree,  an English or Spanish Certificate (For non-native speakers only), syllabus samples of taught seminars and their Teaching experience within the field of expertise.

Support: Example from 2019

– Teaching rate per hour: $120.00 USD
– Travel allowance for 5 days of teaching (Monday to Friday)
– Transport service from the airport to the accommodation and vice versa
– Accommodation (8 nights)
– Airfare (economy class)
– Travel insurance
– Integration activities

Application Deadline: Beginning of November

For further details, please contact facultymobility@up.edu.pe / internationalweek@up.edu.pe .

Munich Business School (Mbs): International Week

Business activities affect all people every day and continuously change the world. It is all the more important to take responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions and to therefore act responsibly. As a result, responsibility today is not any more just a voluntary, optional addendum, but rather an integral part of traditional business topics such as finance, marketing, leadership, innovation, and more. Thanks to the power of businesses around the world, positive effects on people and the environment can be achieved in a particularly direct way.

In this context MBS invite professors from partner universities to make transparent the various possibilities of responsibility in business and its effects during the MBS International Week. Participating professors should create one seminar which lasts 3 hours. The same seminar will be taught twice, to provide students with several opportunities to attend the seminar.

Duration: TBD

Support: Teaching within the scope of the MBS International Week is eligible for Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility funding.

Application Deadline: Mid-November

For further details, please contact Friederike.habbel@munich-business-school.de.

Universitas Airlangga
This program invites international academics from a Higher Education Institution to visit Universitas Airlangga for a short period to conduct an onsite activity, such as a guest lecture or a writing clinic in a seminar/training/workshop in their field of expertise. https://www.global.unair.ac.id/global-scholars/


This call invites doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers, and full-time and part-time faculty members at Koç University (KU) to apply for remote and/in-person exchange visits to Europe’s two leading institutions in the areas of Computational Social Science (CSS) and Quantitative Social Sciences (QSS).

Further information can be found on the website.