A focused analysis of Turkish and Middle Eastern Law & Entrepreneurship

“Doing Business in the Middle East and Türkiye” is an intensive summer program mainly focused on legal components of doing business in the region. Celebrating its 8th year, the program takes place in Istanbul through the collaboration of Koç University and Santa Clara University. In addition to being an exciting and dynamic city, Istanbul is the crossroads of continents, business, culture and history. Located in a decisively emerging market growing from regional to global relevance, Koç University welcomes students who would like to learn and experience more about business in this region through lectures, field trips and internship.

Taught by leading professors from Santa Clara Law School (USA), Koç University (Türkiye) and fellow colleagues from around the world, the program aims to equip students with the legal and entrepreneurial knowledge necessary to leverage the dynamic energy of emerging markets in the region.

Classes at Koç University are held in the morning and -in the afternoons- students have several site visits to law firms, Istanbul Bar Association and U.S. Consulate General. Program students may elect to do an internship after the 3-week academic intensive. The internship part of the program is optional.

Both Santa Clara and Koç universities recruit students to this program. All students applying from U.S. based institutions have to apply via Santa Clara. They pay their tuition to and get their transcripts from Santa Clara. Students applying from outside of the U.S. make their applications via KU.