MGMT 210 Changemaking in Action course completed online and GLLP’s 2nd Project Bazaar

The course facilitated a learning journey for GLLP students in the domains of personal, relational and systemic leadership development through introducing variety of tools, methods and practices. Students explored their role in collective leadership for profound system-wide innovation and change through employing action learning and human-centered design methods. During the course GLLP students were required to be part of a team and carry-out a hands-on prototype initiative that connects the personal, relational, and systemic dimensions of change. Through the projects, students applied the knowledge, skills, methods and tools that they learned during the course on real life social or environmental challenges.

Teams worked on projects such as increasing the diversity and inclusion at the campus through creating an online conversation portal; creating a sustainable mindset at the campus via brand new application called Applanet that allows earning points through sustainable actions; providing a platform to enable individuals to reach correct and accurate information through an Instagram account; and establishing an online website for refugees to sell their products for sustainable income.  At the end of the semester 4 teams presented their projects to Deans, students and university staff through online Project Bazaar networking event.  Visit GLLP’s medium blog for more student projects.

Congratulations to the 3rd Cohort of UIF Fellows at Koc University!

The following GLLP students at KU completed training to join the University Innovation Fellows (UIF), a global program that empowers student leaders to increase campus engagement with innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and design thinking:

– Ahmet Berk Tuzcu, Electrical and Electronics Engineering & Physics (Double Major) Senior, 2022

– Enes Erciyes, Computer Engineering, 2023

– Irem Nur Bulut, Computer Engineering & Economics Double Major, 2023

– Pinar Donmez, Economics, Double Major in Business Administration, 2021

The University Innovation Fellows program is run by Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design ( This campus initiative is supported by Mr. Mahmut Ozdemir, KWORKS Director and Ms. Rena Polat Korkmaz, Team Leader, International Education and Mobility Programs at KU. This year 198 students from 45 higher education institutions in 14 countries have been named University Innovation Fellows. Fellows create student innovation spaces, start entrepreneurship organizations, facilitate experiential workshops, work with faculty and administrators to develop new courses, and much more. They serve as advocates for lasting institutional change with academic leaders, lending the much-needed student voice to the conversations about the future of higher education.

Click here more info about UIF Fellows at KU and click here for their strategic priorities and change story project.

Koç University as Co-organising University at the Global Youth Leaders Summit 2020

The pandemic in 2020 is drastically redefining our beliefs and pursuits in sustainable development in an era of globalization. The “Global Youth Leaders Summit 2020: Transforming Crisis into Re-connection” was organized by the Service-Learning and Leadership Office (SLLO) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) on 24th October, 2020. This was a hybrid summit and platform for youth leaders from all over the world to share and reflect on their experiences under the different pandemic contexts, and to discuss, plan, and act together for future social initiatives to take place among the involuntary social distancing and other crisis and challenges.

As Co-organising university, KU’s GLLP Program identified and nominated three students Deniz Aycan, Pınar Dönmez and Burak Sayıt Yorulmaz. Students attended to all sessions and completed the Global Reflection Workshop that they carried out a research on the topic they were given and also each produced 1 minute video after they conducted the social study. The areas they worked on were Children/ people with disabilities and their families; College students; elderly who lives alone.

We would like to thank the Service-Learning and Leadership Office (SLLO) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) for carrying out a successful online summit and including us as one of the Co-organizing Universities.