Research Assistantships for Exchange Students at Koç University

Applications are closed for the Fall 2023 term. Thank you for your interest!

Koç University (KU) gives an opportunity to the incoming exchange students to cooperate with our faculty members in their research projects.

As incoming exchange students don’t hold a work permit in Türkiye, please note all of the positions mentioned below are on voluntary basis.

Besides uploading your most up to date CV, and Motivation Letter, uploading a cover letter and making an appointment for a face-to-face meeting can also help you get the best result.

The deadline to submit the application below is November 12th, 2023.

For any enquiries, please contact Incoming Exchange Student Advisors:

Open Positions for Fall 2023

College/ Graduate School Faculty Member Contact Discipline Job description of the assistantship position Number of open positions Required Documents
VEKAM – Humanities and Literature Prof. Filiz Yenişehirlioğlu History of Art Research on recent publications concerning Ottoman Art and Architecture in the world. (Applicants should know that Prof. Yenişehirli is in Ankara and the work will be mainly on the internet.) 1 CV and Motivation Letter
CASE Prof. Selçuk Karabatı Operations Management Literature review on “consumers’ use-phase behaviors and green products’ environmental impact.” 1 CV and Motivation Letter
CSSH Assoc. Prof. Alessandra Ricci Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology I am looking for help with the research project on Byzantine ceramics.  This requires: scans; datalog and related.  Work is at the ARHA lab on campus. One or two students with archaeology familiarity CV and Motivation Letter
Law School Asst. Prof. Emek Toraman Colgar Commercial Law Research 2 CV and Motivation Letter
School of Medicine Prof. Kemal Baysal Biochemistry We look forward to interested students to join research on the generation and characterization of tumor spheroids. Ours is a biochemistry laboratory working on in vitro cell culture and cell biology methods. 1 CV and Motivation Letter
*Request should go through OIP

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