A Very “UNIC” Project is Coming Your Way!

We are proud to let you know that Koç University became a “European University”* as a part of the European University of Post-Industrial Cities (UNIC) Consortium, with a 3-year start-up grant of €5 million, provided by the “European Universities” instrument of the European Commission. The European Commission proposed the European Universities initiative as part of an overall vision for the creation of a European Education Area by 2025. 

The UNIC Consortium consists of eight universities from eight European countries: University of Deusto (Spain), Ruhr University Bochum (Germany), University College Cork (Ireland), Koç University (Türkiye), University of Liège (Belgium), University of Oulu (Finland), University of Zagreb (Croatia) and Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands, coordinator).

This long-term alliance of universities will establish a UNIC Institution, consisting of four main pillars. First, a UNIC Governance Structure, which provides a truly European collaborative structure of governance with the structural involvement of students and all relevant stakeholders. Second, UNIC Inter-University Campus, which will enable virtual, real and blended mobility for students and university staff, through an innovative, differentiated approach. Third, UNIC Superdiversity Academy, which will develop models of practice within and between UNIC university teams to address superdiversity through research, educational and outreach programmes, executive training, and the provision of lifelong learning programmes. And finally, UNIC CityLabs, which are pop-up locations of UNIC in the cities to confront the challenges and exchange knowledge. The joint mission is to promote mobility, inclusion, and impact. UNIC aims to foster a new generation of students who have knowledge and the skills to create societal impact not just within their own university and city but on a European level. 

For more information; www.unic.eu 

(*) According to the European Commission: European Universities are transnational alliances that will become the universities of the future, promoting European values and identity, and revolutionizing the quality and competitiveness of European higher education.


KU as a Project Partner

As one of the leading research universities of Türkiye, Koç University (KU) strives to be part of Erasmus+ KA2 & KA3 partnerships in order to create new knowledge with its partners. In line with the KU’s Strategic Internationalization Plan (KUSIP), we are eager to integrate the Erasmus+ KA2/3 projects as an important component of this effort. Türkiye is classified as a Program Country, hence for any project under the framework of Erasmus+ Program, KU will be a reliable partner and has the academic capacity and management knowledge to participate in this kind of projects. If you are interested in future collaborations, we kindly ask you to fill the Project Partner Form. Mrs. Oya Özer Kurt, Global Programs and Projects Specialist at the Office of International Programs will contact you for an online meeting.

International Migration and the Crisis – The Basic Instinct: Survival

“Learning never stops!” That’s our motto for this year, despite of what happened all over the world. We are tremendously happy to announce that we will be offering “International Migration and the Crisis- The Basic Instinct: Survival” program for the summer of 2021. Every year, the program welcomes participants from various countries and hosts thought provoking discussions around the global issue of “Migration”.  Lecture series designed by one of the prominent faculty members of Koç University and dialogues and discussions with experts and professionals of the sector create an engaging atmosphere for the participants for 3 weeks.  We excitedly welcome applications and looking forward to having yet another fruitful summer at Koç University.

Please contact Mrs. Hülya Nouh for any questions about the “International Migration and the Crisis- The Basic Instinct: Survival” summer program. For more information please visit: https://oip.ku.edu.tr/migration