This document presents the renewed approach to Koç University’s international strategic activity from 2021-2026. The strategic direction of Koç University’s internationalization, as described in the 2017-2020 strategy document, has been updated based on the University’s refreshed institution’s strategy and changes in the international higher education landscape.

Since its foundation, Koç University has given strong emphasis to the internationalization of the University. As a leading research university that regularly ranks among the top institutions in Türkiye, in the region and in the World, Koç University recognizes that it needs to connect globally across all its missions in order to serve its students, partners and society. At Koç University, we firmly believe that internationalization contributes substantially to realizing further quality and competitiveness gains across all areas of activity and that international higher education, research and innovation can strengthen relations between and among nations.

Koç University works towards adopting a “Comprehensive Internationalization Strategy which is a commitment, confirmed through action, to infuse international and comparative perspectives throughout the teaching, research, and service missions of higher education. It shapes institutional ethos and values and touches the entire higher education enterprise” (Hudzik, 2011)[1]. As with the previous internationalization strategy at Koç, it is the work and best practice of our colleges, graduate schools, research forums/centers and administrative offices which will realize the strategic activity described in this document. Therefore, internationalization is not an end in itself; our aim is to embed it in everything we do. It is also acknowledged that this strategy will need to continue to develop together with the challenges and opportunities which the University encounters between 2021 and 2026.


In an effort to identify KU’s 2021-26 strategic priorities for internationalization, an assessment phase was completed with the input of 45 academic & administrative units and research centers of the university. This study provided a snapshot of the university regarding the current state of internationalization at KU, goals for internationalization and challenges ahead.

Based on assessment phase findings, to facilitate execution of the Strategy, the following five strategic internationalization priorities have been defined, each with its own set of goals:

  • Excellence in Global Education for All Students
  • Attracting and Supporting International Students
  • Increasing Our International Research Power
  • Supporting Staff Internationalization
  • Raising Our International Profile and Reputation

You may download the 2021-2026 Internationalization Strategy of the University here.