University of British Columbia (UBC)

Country: Canada

Program Name: Visiting International Research Students (VIRS)

About the Program: UBC is a hub for outstanding researchers from around the world and welcomes VIRS to participate in our community of inquiry. A VIRS student is an international student conducting research full-time at UBC, under the supervision of a UBC faculty member. The student who wishes to secure a research internship position at UBC is responsible of identifying and getting confirmation from a UBC faculty member before applying to the program. For more information, please visit:…

Benefits: N/A

Fees: 450 CAD administrative fee is charged from students. (the amount is subject to change)

Timeframe: 1 to 12 months

Qualifications: The student is either enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at another university

Quota: N/A

Application Deadline: N/A

Application via:

Areas: Not specified. Check UBC’s website


Country: USA

About Indiana University Bloomington: “At 200 years old, IU Bloomington is IU’s oldest campus and one of two core IU campuses. It is one of the top schools in the nation for the number of students going abroad, according to the Institute of International Education. IU Bloomington offers more than 550 academic programs and Big Ten athletics on a storybook campus.”

Program Name: International Summer Undergraduate Research Program (ISURP)

About the Program:

The eight-week IU-International Summer Undergraduate Research Program invites high-achieving undergraduate international students in STEM fields to gain hands-on research experience while living on campus at IU Bloomington.

Launched in 2010 in partnership with Tsinghua University, the program has since expanded to include many other universities internationally. ISURP’s vision is to make a connection and form new relationships between Indiana University and these high performing international universities and their students.

ISURP’s vision is to make connections and form new relationships between Indiana University and these high performing international universities and their students. It is also our goal to promote student recruitment from these top international universities.

For more information, please visit here and here.

Benefits: Room and board provided by Indiana University
Cultural events

Timeframe: 8 weeks

The Summer program consists of:
• 8 weeks of lab research at Indiana University,
Bloomington campus
• Room and board provided by Indiana University
• Cultural events
• Poster presentations at the conclusion of

Tentative Program Dates 2024:

Session 1: June 10th – Aug 2nd

Session 2: July 8th – Aug 30th


• Biology
• Biochemistry
• Chemistry
• Medical Sciences
• Physics

Nomination Deadline: March 15th, 2024

ISURP Faculty Position Descriptions is available here!

Technologico De Monterrey (TEC) -Mexico

Country: Mexico

Program Name:Undergraduate Research Program

About the Program:Students can join any project from the Research Centers and receive official credits, by doing full or part-time research.

Dates: June 14th – August 6th

Timeframe: 8 weeks

Qualifications: Undergraduate students, CGPA min. 2.9

Quota: N/A

Application Deadline: May 7


Areas: Mechatronics&Engineering / IT & Electronics an Communications / Biotechnology / Health / Sustainable Development / Humanities and Education / Business / Public Policy and Social Science / Architecture, Art and Design

International Visiting Research Trainee (IVRT) - CANADA

Country: Canada

Program Name: International Visiting Research Trainee (IVRT)

About the Program: Program enables students to spend time performing research under the guidance of a York University hosting Faculty member.

Dates:  IVRT applications usually take 4-6 weeks to process. It is recommended that you submit the IVRT application 2-3 months prior to your visit to York University to avoid delay.

Timeframe: From one month to twelve months.


  • Registered full-time students in a degree program at an institution outside of Canada.
  • Visiting York for a limited time period, usually between one and twelve months.
  • Spend this period of time performing research under the guidance of a York University hosting Faculty member.
  • Not registered or registering in courses or enrolled in a program for credit at York University nor pursuing a joint or dual degree in which one of the partners is York University.

Quota: N/A

Application Deadline: 2-3 months prior to visit to York University

More information and Application via: International Visiting Research Trainee (IVRT)

Areas: Not specified.


University of Science and Technology (UST)

Country: South Korea

Program Name: UST Global Research Internship

About the Program: Opportunities to strengthen field research capacity and explore career paths are provided to undergraduate (graduate) students from abroad through internships in the UST campuses.

Benefits: Support for participants’ activity costs, round-trip flight, accommodation, sickness and accident insurance, orientation, one-to-one mentoring with a researcher from government-funded research institute, outstanding intern award, etc.

Fees: Please check the program website

Timeframe: 2 months (July-August)

Qualifications: Junior (3rd yr) and Senior (4th yr) undergraduates and graduate students from abroad

Quota: Programs recruits around 20 interns in total. No quota is determined per partner institution.

Application Deadline: Application has to be done in April

Application via: online application via UST homepage (

Areas: Not specified. Check UST’s website

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)

Country: Thailand

Program Name: Summer Internship Program

About the Program: Students conduct mini-projects with faculty members of KMUTT. Students have to determine the department beforehand.

Benefits: N/A

Fees: Please check the program website

Timeframe: Available upon request

Qualifications: Undergraduate or graduate students

Quota: N/A

Application Deadline: Applications have to be done min. 2 months before the planned activity

Application via: Submit the official application form to ICE (

Areas: Engineering

National Sun Yat Sen University (NSYSU)

Country: Taiwan

Program Name: Taiwan Experience and Education Program

About the Program: The program is a team internship opportunity for international youths interested in seeking their future career development in economically booming Asia area where cross-border e-commerce has become an emerging trade patterns with strong potentials. The internship program is well designed to help facilitate international youths’ professional learning on the one hand and motivate Taiwanese enterprises to gain more internationalized experience and talents on the other.
More information on

Benefits: Partial subsidy for air ticket fare and max. 10-week allowance for living expenses of NT $ 25.000 to $ 35.000. Free language classes to enhance communication proficiency in Chinese Cultural trips and activities to experience the unique Taiwanese culture. Get a chance to be recruited as a full time employee in Taiwan after the program.

Fees: Please check the program website

Timeframe: Late June- Late August

Qualifications: Not specified

Quota: N/A

Application Deadline: Application should be done until the end of April of the respective year.

Application via:

Areas: Not specified

National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)

Country: Taiwan

Program Name: Inbound Short-term Research Program

About the Program: All applicants must firstly identify a NCTU host professor and obtain the invitation letter before application. Office of International Affairs does not involve in matching students and NCTU host professors.

Benefits: N/A

Fees: Please check the program website

Timeframe: Less than 180 days

Qualifications: Visit the website:

Quota: N/A

Application Deadline: N/A

Application via:

Areas: Not specified

Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST)

Country: South Korea

Program Name: DGIST Research Internship for Undergraduates

About the Program: DGIST Research Internship for Undergraduates aims to provide talented Korean and international students with opportunities to experience research environment of DGIST. Participants will serve their internship at the lab of their choice under the guidance of DGIST faculty members as visiting research students. For more information:

Benefits: All participants are provided with allowance for their accommodation, meals and miscellaneous expenses. the amount of allowance is approx. KRW 800.000 (this may be up to change and should be checked each year)

Fees:  Please check the program website

Timeframe: Early July to mid August (6 weeks)

Qualifications: Undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in undergraduate degree program and have completed at least 4 semesters at the time of participation. Students with cumulative GPA of 3.5/4.3 or higher. Students with high levels of English language proficiency

Quota: N/A

Application Deadline: March 25th to April 19th (could change every year)

Application via:

Application documents:

  • Application form for DGIST Research Internship, including personal statement and research proposal
  • A digital copy of academic transcript in English
  • A letter of recommendation (to be directly sent by academic advisor or faculty member)

How to Apply:

  • Send all application documents to
  • Ask academic advisor or faculty member from home institution who knows well about student’s research interest and academic ability to send the letter of recommendation by e-mail to


  • Emerging Materials Science
  • Information and Communication Engineering
  • Robotics Engineering
  • Energy Science and Engineering
  • Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  • New Biology

National Taiwan University

Available department include :

● College of Liberal Arts

● College of Science

● College of Social Sciences

● College of Medicine

● College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

● College of Engineering

● College of Bioresources and Agriculture

● College of Management

● College of Law

● College of Life Science

● College of Public Health

● School of Veterinary Medicine



  • Country: Singapore
  • Program Name: Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIGPA)
  • About the Program: The Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIPGA) supports short-term research attachments for top international students at A*STAR, giving you the unique opportunity to experience the vibrant scientific environment in A*STAR Research Institutes and Consortia, and work with distinguished and world-renowned researchers. For more information:
  • Program Brochure
  • Benefits: Monthly stipend of $1,500
  • Fees: Please check the program website
  • Timeframe: Research attachment period should be a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 6 months.
  • Qualifications: Open for application by international students in Biomedical Sciences and Physical Science and Engineering related disciplines who are undergraduate students in their third or fourth year, or Master students
  • Quota: N/A
  • Application Deadline: not be accepting any nominations until 31 December 2019
  • Application via: Please visit the program website for updates:…
  • Areas: Biomedical Sciences and Physical Science and Engineering related disciplines

Zhejiang University

The scholarship includes:

√Waived application fee and program tuition fee

√Free on-campus accommodation from June 17 to August 14, 2019(double room)

√A living allowance of 2800RMB (approximately 400USD) per student


  • Fees: Students will have to bear their own international airfare, local transportation, insurance, visa application fee as well as other personal expenses in Hangzhou.
  • Timeframe: 8 weeks from June 18 to August 13 (dates are subject to change for 2020)
  • Qualifications: Outstanding full-time undergraduate students between their third and fourth years, masters or PhD students from the selected partner universities. Please refer to the program brochure  for more information
  • Quota: 2
  • Application Deadline: March 10th (date may be subject to change)
  • Application via:  Please scan the application documents in one PDF file and e-mail it to the international coordinator of ZJU by the deadline set
  • Areas: √Humanities √Social Sciences √Sciences √Engineering √Information Technology √Agriculture, life & Environment √Medicine


Please check host faculty members’ profiles for Summer 2019 here

  • Country: China
  • Program Name: ZJU Scholars Summer Research Program
  • About the Program: ZJU Scholars Summer Research Program for talented students from selected partner universities with the aim of promoting existing academic ties among its strategic partners and providing cutting-edge research experience to the young generation of future leaders and experts worldwide.
  • Benefits: ZJU will provide up to 2 admitted students with a scholarship to participate in a research project of their choice at ZJU for 8 weeks.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Program Name: The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Summer Research Program
  • About the Program: Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP) will be conducted virtually this summer to allow students to take part in the program without leaving home. Participating students will join a world-class research team and work alongside leading experts in the field and immerse in the local culture through virtual social activities and excursions.For more information:
  • Benefits: No tuition will be charged.SURP will be offered both face-to-face and virtually. 
  • Program Dates: During 25 June to 20 August 2022
  • Application Deadline: 21 February 2022

Kyoto University

  • Country: Japan
  • Program Name: 2024 Kyoto University Amgen Scholars Program

Kyoto University is pleased to announce “2024 Kyoto University Amgen Scholars Program”, a summer undergraduate research program in life science and biotechnology sponsored by Amgen Foundation. It is an eight-week program from June 7 to August 2, 2024.
Application is now open and will be closed at 3 p.m. on February 1, 2024, Japan Standard Time [UTC +9:00hrs].

Program details and Application guidelines are available here:

A brief description of Kyoto University Amgen Scholars Program is:
– 10 slots will be offered to undergraduate students from colleges and universities throughout Asia to undertake laboratory experience.
– Financial support will be provided such as a round-trip ticket, accommodation and scholarship.
– Students will gain research knowledge, and opportunity to network with other students and professionals, and gain invaluable insight to life as a graduate student.
– In addition to research experience, students also participate in various workshops, educational and cultural based activities, as well as a two-day Asia Symposium.

Note: Nomination from partner university is not required; applicants must apply by themselves; it is on a competitive basis.