Mentorship Program

Mentor students, who work with our team while supporting outgoing and incoming advisors at the Office of International Programs, are trained meticulously every year and work as an integral part of our team. Each semester Koç University welcomes exchange students from reputable universities around the globe; and selected Koç University students are able to participate in the exchange programs at our respectable host universities around the world, via the support of our office. As the Office of International Programs, we are selecting our mentors as individuals with strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills to support our incoming and outgoing team through the semester.

Students who would like to apply for the mentorship program are required to complete their application through the forms once the announcements are made by the OIP in the beginning of the semester and preference will be given to students those who can successfully demonstrate;

  • Cultural sensitivity and ability to communicate with individuals with different backgrounds
  • Strong sense of responsibility and commitment
  • Leadership qualities



OIP Mentors’ duties are listed below for the students who want to learn more about the duties.

  • Participate in every session of the Mentor Training and Orientation Week (OW), having a short presentation during the OW with other mentor team members and leading some of the OW sessions
  • Provide peer-to-peer support to incoming exchange students throughout the semester regarding their integration to KU and the country and support them in case of an emergency
  • Provide support to outgoing exchange students before and after their exchange semesters
  • Supporting outgoing students during their preparations for exchanges; supporting incoming students during their exchanges
  • Organise social activities for incoming and outgoing students (on-campus, within Istanbul, or outside Istanbul)
  • Provide administrative support for Incoming – Outgoing teams (office hours, paperwork, documentation, editorial support, replying to emails on Track-it system etc.)
  • Update and monitoring web pages and university databases
  • Creating content for social media and promotional materials
  • Assist with the marketing of study abroad programs by developing new approaches to attract more incoming-outgoing students
  • Assist to and/or being present OIP organizations/events
  • Attending monthly mentor meetings (dates TBA)
  • Report their monthly duties at the mentor meetings


Important Notes:

  • Please note that OIP Mentorship Program is a Work & Study program, and mentors will work and be paid in line with the regulations set by the Scholarships Office and OIP.
  • International students who do not hold a work permit will not be able to be selected as part of the W & S program. However, OIP welcomes applications from international students willing to volunteer for the duties and responsibilities of this role.
  • Due to the nature of mentorship tasks, OIP needs mentor students with more experience at KU; therefore, the positions are open to sophomore, junior and senior students only.


Qualifying for a Certificate

Mentors who participate in the program and fulfill the requirements will get a certificate from the Office of International Programs.


Application and Deadline

Please find the Mentorship Application Form for Fall 2022 here.

Deadline to apply is July 22, Friday.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the program: or