Students who will be a part of Koç University should read the Exchange Semester at Koc University Guide and Incoming Exchange Student Guide carefully. They both contain everything that you need to know such as getting a visa, required documents for your residence permit, the procedures about health insurance and information about academics, student life and transportation.

In order to provide you more support prior to your arrival to Koc University, we hold pre-arrival webinars. Here you can find the recording of one of the webinars for Spring 2020 incoming students. During the webinars, the same topics were covered:

  • Visa, Residence Permit Application, Health Insurance (2:00 to 13:08)
  • Arrival to KU (13:19 to 20:20)
  • Housing (20:22 to 33:15)
  • Studying at KU (academic information on the semester calendar, courses and course enrollment, early finals, etc.) (33:15 to 53:42)
  • Turkish Host Family Program (53: 44 to 56:22)
  • Research Assistant Program (56:23 to 57:42)
  • Mentorship Program (57:43 to 59:28)
  • Living Costs (59:29 to 1:01:03)
  • Weather (1:01:04 to 1:02:23)
  • Security and Safety (1:02:24 to 1:03:09)

The webinars are based on the Incoming Exchange Student Guide. Therefore, you may have a look at the guide for further information.