“Recognizing nature in the city, where our language itself has taught us to believe nature no longer exists, challenges our ability to see the world clearly – but to miss the city’s relation to nature and the country is in fact to miss much of what the city is.”

William Cronon, Nature’s Metropolis (1991: 19)

Are you a student or a young professional interested in urban political ecology? Koç University offers exactly what you need as a summer program! This program is not only a chance of having a very interesting and intense global academic experience with a hands-on approach to the city, but also of discovering a dynamic, vibrant, attractive city like Istanbul.

*This program will not be offered in the summer of 2017. 


Definitely the best part of this program on urban political ecology is getting underground and knowing the urban transformations first hand through the field trips, because we definitely gain an important view about these urban transformations, and even engage in meetings with some of the social leaders that really have been involved in these urban transformations. Knowing some creative forms to face the challenges on these urban transformations is important; for example, the housing transformations and the defense of some important ecosystems in Istanbul. These particular places are promoting urban control and some cultural heritage etc. That is so useful and so insightful and compliment perfectly with not only urban political ecology but also in urban land planning. I want to say thank you to the Oÿc e of International Programs at Koç University for opening this space of these innovative seminar courses. And of course to Ya˛ar and Sinan, our instructors. Their knowledge and background experience is extremely helpful to understand the Istanbul transformations.

Germán Andrés Quimbayo Ruiz