Research Assistantship for Exchange Students

Research Assistantships for Exchange Students at Koç University

Koç University (KU) gives an opportunity to the incoming exchange students to cooperate with our faculty members in their research projects.

As incoming exchange students don’t hold a work permit in Türkiye, please note all of the positions mentioned below are on voluntary basis.

Besides sending your most up to date CV, attaching a cover letter and making an appointment for a face-to-face meeting can help you get the best result.

For any enquiries, please contact Incoming Exchange Student Advisors:


    Open Positions for Fall 2019 

Faculty Discipline Description Number Requested Name of Professor     Contact
CASE International Relations To assist in the course Intl 452: Diplomacy: Theory and Practice, especially in preparing materials for the course’s Blackboard page. 1 Ipek Z. Ruacan*


Design and User Experience Conducting interviews for designing a recipe planner system for chefs 1 or 2 Aykut Coşkun*
CE Industrial Engineering Grading in-class exercises for Mathematical Programming course 2 Sibel Salman
CE Industrial Engineering Help with data generation and computational results visualization for a project on provision of mobile healthcare to en-route refugees 1 Sibel Salman
GSHC Pharmacology-Tumor Biology Defining the synergistic sequential application schedules for chemotherapeutic combinations and investigating the mechanisms of chemoresistance in 1 Gülnihal Özcan*
SOM Public Health Literature review on chronic pain management and healthcare use in migrant populations. I am looking for an assistant with previous experience in academic research and academic writing. 1 Sibel Sakarya*
GSHS Health (Nursing, Medicine and other related disciplines) or Psychology, Epidemiology, Public Health I need the assistancy for two ongoing research projects about diabetic foot and smoking cessation. Visiting students are preferred with the skills and experience on data entry, basic or advanced statistics, academic writing and literature search. The assitant may work on clinical research environment and academic and clinical teams. 2 Şeyda Özcan
CS Molecular Biolog, Genetic or Immunology Research assistant 2 Çigdem Arıkan*


CSSH Archaeology and History of Art We could use your help in the Archaeology Laboratory on tasks including assisting in an archaeological chemistry project and creating inventories of archaeological materials. 1 to 3 Rana Özbal
CE Computer Engineering Automated Tool for Comp130 1 Ayça Tüzmen Yıldırım


Design and User Experience Conducting, transcribing interviews for accessibility, wellbeing, sustainability and related topics OR helping in designing serious games 2 Özge Subaşı

*Request should go through OIP