Koç University chooses its partners through negotiations with the faculty and the main criteria is whether the outcomes of the partnership will be of mutual benefit and value adding for both parties. Depending on the result of negotiations where the courses and curricula of the potential partner are evaluated a partnership agreement is signed.

Koç University is willing to diversify the partnerships it has and there is not a strict criteria regarding the geographical area of its partners. However, we observe that most of Koç university students at colleges of Engineering and Sciences tend to study outside the EU on account of the available courses.

The most important objective of Koç University’s mobility programs to create an international atmosphere on campus and help students deepen their understanding of the World. To eliminate cultural, social and racial differences and prejudices in communication and interaction between people stands as a primary goal. Most of Koç University’s exchange students are from EU and USA who apply to their home universities to get gain detailed knowledge about Türkiye, Turkish culture and language. Similarly, most of our outgoing local students’ study destinations are the EU and USA.

Faculty and Staff Exchange is supported through Erasmus funds and the announcements are done through automatic emails sent to all Faculty and Staff. In cooperation with Human Resources Department and related faculties and colleges, Office of International Programs helps the faculty and staff who are willing to take part in mobility program. All the faculty and staff attending a mobility program go on taking their salaries and this program is accepted as a part of their work load. Faculty and staff exchange between the institutions outside EU are also supported by each college and faculty and these programs are funded by the university through its own budget.

Getting to a point where all population on campus (including students, the faculty and administrative staff) a modern perspective and making use of the latest methods in teaching, training and administrating is among the primary goals of our institution’s internationalization agenda.

The interaction between various cultures and identities on campus and at partner institutions is hoped to create an international Outlook and bring new perspectives to our students and faculty as well as administrative staff.

Please click here to see our Erasmus Charter.