Visit a Turkish Family and Expand Your Horizon! 
Would you like to share your culture with a Turkish family and give yourself an opportunity to experience Turkish culture and Turkish language? There are a wide variety of opportunities from visiting a Turkish family for a family meal, to staying with them during a semester or academic year. A few opportunities include:
  • Visiting a Turkish family for an evening, a few days or a week
  • Having dinner with a Turkish family
  • Meeting them out for family activities
  • Spending time with a Turkish family at the weekends or during a holiday

Who Can Host?

There are some criteria that families need to fulfill to become a host for an international student:
  • Being a fulltime employee at Koç University
  • Language proficiency in English
  • Being a Turkish family with children (preferably)
If you are interested in the Turkish Host Family Program, please submit the application form.