NEW: Summer Exchange FAQ

Students can now find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Summer Exchange Program,in our new Summer Exchange FAQ  document. Please refer to the Contact section and do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Description of The Mobility

Koç University runs Summer Exchange program with its select partners. Pre-set number of KU students attend partner universities’ short-term summer programs or regular summer semesters. KU students are required to pay KU tutition for summer exchange but do not pay tutition to partner universities. There may be some additional fees that partner universities charge and for more information, please check “Partners & Information” Section.

Partners & Information

Please check fact sheets before you apply, some universities may require additional costs or fees. Some partner universities may require students to stay in a certain accommodation (by paying the accommodation fee) during the Summer Exchange program. We advise our students to check each program brochures/websites carefully before planning their accommodation.




Country: Austria

Detailed Information:

Fee Information:

Fact Sheet: ISU WU 2024 – factsheet for international students

Quota: 2



Country: Denmark

Detailed Information:

GPA Requirement 2.20 – If you are applying for admission to AU Summer University courses at Master level, you must hold a Bachelor’s degree (or as a minimum have obtained 180 ECTS in your study programme) by the time of application deadline.

Quota 3

Dates for Summer University 2024 are:

Term 1: July 2-July 19

Term 2: July 22- August 9

Applications are open from January 15 at 12 noon- March 8 at 12 noon 2024

More information here.



Country: Denmark

Detailed Information:

Quota: 4



Detailed Information:

Country: Finland

Click here for the brochure.

Quota: 6



Country: France

Detailed Information:

For Summer School video, click here.

For the flyer, click here.

Quota: 5



Country: France

Detailed Information:

Click here for the brochure.

Please inspect the partner’s fees thoroughly, for it might include the accommodation fee as a required fee.

Quota & Eligible Colleges:

  • ESSCA School of Management Paris program (2 undergrad or grad students)- all colleges except SON, SOM
  • ESSCA School of Management Aix-en-Provence program (1 undergrad or grad student)
  • ESSCA School of Management Budapest program (2 grad students)- GSB
  • ESSCA School of Management Bordeaux Program (2 students undergrad or grad)- CASE & GSB



Country: France

Detailed Information:

Quota: 10

Paris Package 1 Sustainable Marketing & Digital Marketing

• Course 1 : Sustainable Marketing

• Course 2 : Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs


4 ECTS each course

June 10 – 14
June 17 – 21
Package 2 Disruptive Technologies & Modern Management

• Course 1 : Business Intelligence & Analytics

• Course 2 : Creating Customer value with Disruptive Technologies


4 ECTS each course

June 24 – 28
July 1 – 5
Marseille Package 3 Sports Marketing, Communication and Strategic Management

• Course 1 : Strategic Management and Advanced Marketing for Sports Organisations

• Course 2 : Sport Marketing & Communication


4 ECTS each course

June 17 – 28June 17- 28
Package 4 Sport Olympics Skills Management and Purpose Strategy
 • Course 1 : From Olympics to Citizenship marketing management in sports• Course 2 : From Olympics to Oneself Management, Soft Skills and Sport Live Experience
4 ECTS each course July 1 – 5

July 8 – 12



Country: Sweden

Detailed Information:

Linköping University Summer Academy 2024 Flyer

Quota: 2


  • Please note that all deadlines are midnight CET.
  • 1 February 2024 – Online application service opens
  • From 1 February – 25 March 2024 students can apply electronically for LiU Summer Academy courses at University Admissions.
    On the University Admissions website, choose “log in”, create an account and search for courses at ”Linköping University” for “Summer 2024”. Upload the nomination certificate in University Admissions.
  • 25 March 2024 – Admission application deadline
  • 29 March 2024 – Deadline for supporting documents
  • 4 April 2024 – First Notification of Selection Results
  • 11 April 2024 – Last date to reply to your offer
  • 19 April 2024 – Second Notification of Selection Results (no reply required)
  • From 19 April 2024, it is possible to download the notification of the selection result (letter of acceptance) on your account at University Admissions.



Country: Sweden

Open to Law Students

Detailed Information about Law Program: Click here!


Program Flyer: Click here!

Brochure: Click here!

Student Experiences: Click here!

Quota: 5





Country: China

Detailed Information:

Quota: 4

Find the brochure here.



Country: Hong Kong

Detailed Information:

Quota: 2

Important dates:



Country: Hong Kong

Detailed Information:

Quota: 4



Country: Hong Kong

Detailed Information:

Quota: 6

Offered Courses: Click here!

Program Leaflet: Click here!

GPA: 2.70



Country: Singapore

Detailed Information:

Quota: 6 for 2024

GPA: Minimum 2.0 and be proficient in the English language

The eligibility criteria can be found via this webpage:



Country: Singapore

Detailed Information:

Quota: 3

APPLICATION PERIOD: 10 JANUARY- 15 APRIL 2024 23:59 hours (GMT +8)





Country: Mexico

Fact Sheet:

Quota: Will not accept students due to partner’s program freeze.

Application Dates

Please refer to OIP’s Application and Selection Calendar 

Application & Selection

Who is Eligible to Apply?


  • Applicants must be registered at KU as full-degree undergraduate or graduate students at the time of application. PhD students are not eligible for Summer Exchange program.


  • Undergraduate students must have completed at least one academic year and graduate students must have completed at least one semester and have a valid CGPA score. They must also continue studies at the same level at KU in the following year, i.e. the year of the exchange. Undergraduate students with the status of “Freshman” on our systems whilst applying are ineligible and their applications will not be accepted. Applying students must be at least “Sophomore” on our systems. The basis on the students’ status is their application time and not their mobility time.


  • Students studying in the English Language Preparatory Class are not eligible to apply.

Application Requirements

  • Undergraduate students should have at least 2,2 CGPA, Graduate students should have at least 2,5 CGPA.
  • Language Requirement: Koç University Institutional TOEFL*(550 PBT), TOEFL (550 PBT/ 80 IBT) or IELTS Score Card (min. 6.5), KUEPE** (Min 60) Students can apply using their expired language scores as well.

*Students can get their Koc TOEFL scorecards from the Registrar’s Office.  Please keep in mind that it will take a couple of days for Registrar’s Office to issue your TOEFL or IELTS scorecards. You are asked to upload your English Proficiency Proof on the online application form ( ).

**Students who wish to apply using their KUEPE scores will need to take a screenshot of their KUSIS homepage, where KUEPE scores are shown. If students have any technical issues with screening their KUEPE results on their KUSIS homepage, they must contact the IT department to solve the issue. Students can also contact the Registrar’s Office and English Language Center to get their KUEPE results as well.

If you do not have an official TOEFL, IELTS or KUEPE scorecard, you have to take a new test. Please note that you need to plan your application accordingly as it takes time to get the result of English Proficiency tests.

Exceptions to the English proficiency tests (TOEFL, IELTS) include only lifetime residents of Australia, Canada (other than Quebec), New Zealand, United Kingdom or the United States (other than Puerto Rico). Students who have recently and successfully completed at least 4 years of rigorous academic studies in one of the countries listed might also be exempted.  Their English proficiency score calculated on KUAPP will be the min. English  Language admission requirement of the program at KU they are admitted. Students English Language Score will be automatically calculated as the equivalent of 80 TOEFL IBT unless the student submits an IELTS or TOEFL score, Placement will be based on 50% GPA and 50 % TOEFL, so the higher scores students have, the better chance of placement students will have.

Application Documents

The following documents should be uploaded on kuapp at the time of the application. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Document Type Mandatory / If Applicable
Transcript of Records Mandatory
Language Score card Mandatory
Photo Mandatory
Special Case or Needs document as mentioned If Applicable

Application Method

Application is done via OIP’s online application system: If you have not applied to any of the Mobility Programs offered by OIP via


  • Students are selected by their sending higher education institution in a fair and transparent way.
  • Selection is done based on 75% Academic achievement + 25% Language score.
  • Students with disabilities are entitled to receive +10 points if they submit the relevant supporting documents in the application.
  • Children of martyrs and veterans are entitled to +15 points if they submit the relevant supporting documents in the application.
  • Students who receive or whose 1st degree relatives receive financial aid as disaster victims from The Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) +10 pointsif proving documents are provided in the application. 1st degree relative information will be cross-checked with KUSIS.
  • Students for whom protection, care or accommodation decision has been taken within the scope of Social Services Law No. 828 and Child Protection Law No. 5395 are entitled to receive +10 points if they submit the relevant supporting documents in the application.
  • In addition to academic achievement and language score, if the applicant has benefited from Summer Exchange program while pursuing the same level of academic degree, 10 points will be subtracted from the total average score.
  • If a student fails to submit the commitment letter to confirm his/her attendance in Summer Exchange program within the timeframe given by OIP, 10 points will be deducted when the student applies for Summer Exchange program in the future.
  • After being selected, students who wish to renounce their right to participate are responsible of informing OIP via email ( by the deadline set by OIP. If students do not inform OIP, a reduction of -10 points will be implemented from their application if they apply to Summer Exchange program in the future. A student, who cancels his/her participation after submitting his/her commitment letter and/or being nominated to a partner university, will face 10 point deduction from his/her application if he/she applies to Summer Exchange program in the future. These rules might be considered invalid if there is a “force majeure” situation that a student is facing. Under such circumstances, the student is responsible of informing OIP with the supporting documents/information regarding the “force majeure” situation in a timely fashion.
  • The OIP calculates and lists the average score of each applicant based on the calculation explained above.
  • All applicants are ranked from the highest to the lowest, and the top scoring students are selected depending on faculty quotas, by the selection committee.

Announcement of Results

Results are notified to all applicants in a written format via e-mail and OIP website.

Placement results are also announced on Kuapp system. To view your results, you may log into your Kuapp account at

The following would help you understand your status on kuapp:

  • Coordinator Approved” notification on your KUAPP system means; your documents are checked and approved. It does not mean that you are selected for now.
  • If your status has been changed to “Accepted”, congratulations! The school you have been placed into must be seen on the system. Please hand in your commitment letter to OIP immediately.
  • If your status has been changed to “Substitute”, you are wait-listed for all of your school preferences, not just for one that we have determined randomly. These people will be placed after the students who have already been placed do not turn their contracts in the office on time and therefore declare that they reject the mobility.
  • Being placed into a Summer exchange partner does not guarantee your eventual acceptance from the host university. The partner universities reserve the right to accept/reject student applications for exchange. Your acceptance will be valid only after their confirmation.

Nomination & Application to Host University


  • Being placed into Summer Exchange partner university does not guarantee your eventual acceptance from the host university. The partner universities reserve the right to accept/reject student applications for exchange. Your acceptance will be valid only after their confirmation.
  • An eligibility check is done before nominating a student. Nominations are conducted by the Office of International Programs. You are not required to do anything for the nomination process except submitting your Student Commitment Form to OIP.
  • Please note that nominations take time.

Application to Host University


  • The requirements for application may vary for each institution. Students are responsible for checking the host institution’s website for any information that might be useful for the application procedure. Partner institutions sometimes post necessary information on their websites instead of sending e-mails.
  • Obtain, complete, and send the “Application Form” of your host institution before the application deadline. Make sure that you include any other supplementary documents that are required by your host institution. Note that the application forms may be online. Information as to the exact application procedure can be found on each school’s application form or website.
  • Any late application or missing document risks your admission. We strongly advise you to send your documents as soft copies via e-mail before sending them through mail. This will help secure the safe receipt of your application on time. Please also be informed that the process of application to the host institutions must be handled individually by yourself. Our Office does not post application documents to host institutions.
  • Another document that partner institutions might request during your application is a copy of your passport. If you do not have a passport or you need to extend it when you submit an application, please download your “student letter” via e-devlet and use that document for passport fee exemption when you apply for a passport.
  • Expect to receive your Letter of Acceptance from your host institution no later than two months prior to your departure date. On many occasions, the acceptance letters are first received by our Office and then forwarded to students. If you receive your letter of acceptance directly, please bring a copy of it to our Office.

Before Mobility Procedure & Documents

After you are selected please note that you will be expected to submit documents below to OIP:


  • Summer Exchange Program Commitment Letter (Turkish)/ Commitment Letter (English): This letter should be read by the student carefully and signed version should be submitted to OIP.
  • Letter of acceptance: You are asked to submit the “Letter of Acceptance” when you receive it from the host university.
  • Course Equivalency Form: You are asked the fill out the Course Equivalency Form in coordination with your Departmental Academic Coordinator. The participant is required to submit the approved & signed form to OIP office. College of Engineering students go through an online CEF procedure. These students are still required to submit the approved document to OIP.


Important Notes:

  • You are highly advised to attend one of the pre-departure sessions organized by OIP.  Students who do not attend orientation programs are responsible from the problems and hardships that they go through due to lack of knowledge.
  • Every student is responsible of his/her own exchange process. Please proceed with attention to the validity of your contact information and follow every step on your own unless there is a force majeure (such as death, illness, impairment etc.)

During & After Mobility Procedure & Documents

During Mobility


Course Equivalency Form (During/After): If the student makes changes on the course list, then this form should filled out and approved by the Departmental Academic Coordinator. This form could also be sent to OIP after mobility.



After Mobility

Following the completion of the program, student has to take the following steps.

  • Certificate of Attendance : Submit the Certificate of Participation to OIP.
  • Course Equivalency Form (During/After): The final list of courses that a student takes at the host university should be filled out and approved by the Departmental Academic Coordinator.
  • Transcript: You are required to submit a copy of your transcript to OIP. Most of the time, partner universities send transcripts to OIP and then inform students. Students are required to collect the original copy of their transcript from OIP and take it to their faculties for transfer of courses with grades and credits.

Departmental Academic Coordinators

Departments/Colleges Coordinators Room Phone E-mail
School of Medicine Dr. Selin Ünsaler Topkapı
School of Nursing Gülcan Bağçivan Topkapı 2675
College of Adm. Sci. & Econ.
International Relations Ziya Öniş CASE 150 1670
Business Administration Zekiye Selvili CASE 240 1456
Economics Murat Usman CASE 248 1553
College of Soc. Sci. & Hums.
Psychology İlmiye Seçer Z11E
Media and Visual Arts Aslı Günay SOS 274
Archeology History of Arts Lucienne Thys-Şenocak SOS 225 1425
English Lang. & Comparative Litr. M. Fatih Uslu SOS 260 1528
History Can Nacar SOS Z11B 1130
Philosophy Eylem Özaltun SOS Z22C 1116
Sociology Fatoş Gökşen SOS 258 1311
Law School Yasin Alperen Karaşahin SOS 151 1825
College of Science
Mathematics Hasan İnci SCI 268 1687
Molecular Bio. & Genetics Onur Öztaş,
Chemistry Umut Aydemir SCI Z61 1449
Physics Özgür Müstecaplıoğlu SCI 155 1424
College of Engineering
Chemical and Biological Engineering Özlem Keskin ENG 224 1538
Computer Engineering Öznur Özkasap ENG 144 1584
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Sinem Çöleri ENG 117 1535
Industrial Engineering Metin Türkay ENG 205 1586
Mechanical Engineering Demircan Canadinç ENG 103A 1891
KU Institutional Erasmus Coordinator Bülent Kılıç DOS B334
Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities Burcu Ergin SOS Z04 1883
Graduate School of Business Nida Bektaş SNA A73 1606

Required Course Load & Transfer of Courses

  • It is mandatory to get approval from your faculty/institute before mobility if you are planning to transfer the credits for courses.
  • Students who would like to transfer the courses taken during Summer Exchange program are required to take min. 3 and max. 12 KU credit worth of courses.
  • If your exchange GPA is higher than 2.00 you will have right to transfer your credit or grades to your Koç transcript. However partially credits or grades cannot be transferred.
  • If your exchange GPA is lower than 2.00 you will have no right to choose credit or grades only choice. All your exchange credits and grades transferred directly to your Koç transcript.


To cancel your application after submitting the Student Commitment Letter, you need to submit the cancellation petition to OIP. You can find the English version here.

It should be noted that students, who cancel their exchange after the “notice period” provided by OIP right after the announcement of placement results, would lose -10 points if they apply for Summer Exchange Program again in the future.


For any inquiries regarding exchange programs, please open a track-it by sending an e-mail to or open a track-it via

You can also contact our Outgoing Student Advisors by booking an appointment on their office hours. You can use audio or video call on Microsoft Teams for advising on exchange programs.
To book an appointment with one of our advisors please click here.

Application Announcements