Average Costs Per Semester
Housing: Beginning from 4,500 TL to 5,050 TL for Spring 2018 depending on the type of room. For detailed information about housing fees please click here.
Books: 150 – 300 TL
Student meal menu (4 items) at Koç University Dining Hall: around 12 TL
IETT Bus (KU Campus – Sarıyer): 1.75 TL-1 TL (Student Travel Pass Card)

Dolmuş (Sarıyer – Beşiktaş): 2.50 TL – 1.85 TL (KU Campus-Sarıyer)

Taxi (Taksim-Campus): 55TL

To have an idea bout average living costs in Istanbul, you can check here.

You can also visit our Scholarships Office: https://dos.ku.edu.tr/financial-aid