The Office of International Programs (OIP) works in order to increase the awareness regarding Koç University in the field of international Higher education, to ensure that it is one of the prestigious universities, to increase the number of students coming to Koç University from different countries through student Mobility programs, and to ensure Koç University students benefit from different exchange programs.

In addition, OIP provides the introduction of the university and Türkiye to international institutions and students coming from abroad through international projects or programs it has designed, guiding the initiation of scientific collaborations with institutions and experts abroad, in line with the fields of expertise of the scientists working at Koç University and the strategic priorities of Koç University. It aims to ensure a smooth adaptation process by providing various support/integration services for foreign faculty members, employees and students who are part of the Koç University community.

In this way, OIP plays an active role in Koç University’s internationalization efforts and supports the internationalization of both education and research by working closely with faculty members.

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