Cutting Edge Workshop & Conference by Koç University Partnership Development Team on Conflict Resolution!

This effort aims to frankly and openly address one of the most salient obstacles in our global efforts toward peacemaking: the prejudices that color and sometimes dictate our interactions with one another. Led by world-renowned International Relations Dr. Donna Hicks (Harvard University) and the Dignity Model that she has refined over the past decade, young leaders coming from selected countries and Türkiye engaged in an interactive, intensive workshop aiming to overcome the dimensions of prejudice currently entrenched in regional dynamics.

Considering also 2014 is the 50th anniversary of Turkish Migration to the Netherlands, the topic for this third edition has been chosen as “Immigration: The Dutch and the Turkish Youth”. The integration of Turkish people in the Netherlands is an arguable issue and immigration triggers more negative attitude by ingroups towards outgroups and vice versa. This does not only affect the Turkish immigrants but the attitude of Turkish people towards the Europeans as well. Relations between Germans and Turks have been studied for a long time. For this reason, we thought that focusing on the Turks in the Netherlands and the Dutch people would contribute to the perceptions towards outgroups a new perspective. It would also help overcome the prejudices between the two communities and hence contribute to the relations between the two sides. Literally, we both aim to analyze the sources of these conflicts & prejudices and also work on the ways to overcome these prejudices.