Role of the Departmental Exchange Coordinator

The Exchange Coordinator has the responsibility of:

  • Coordinating the exchange program’s curriculum design team in consultation with all selected students;
  • Coordinating and monitoring the teaching activities of the program;
  • Coordinating the self evaluation and review processes of the program from the academic part;
  • Liaising with relevant people in charge (OIP) securing, monitoring and evaluating the learning opportunities and student placements.
  • Oversight of all student academic administration from expression of interest and registration to certification of completion of the program and relevant data capturing from the host universities (transcripts).

In addition, the Departmental Exchange Coordinator;

  • Participates in marketing and recruitment for the program for which (s)he has oversight.
  • Finalizes (in consultation with OIP) the selection and admission of students into the program.
  • Assists students with module selection taking cognizance of pre and co-requisites and facilitates requests for concessions by students.
  • Ensures that each module is allocated the correct lecture, with the university committee.


Coordinates the credit transfer for students who successfully complete the exchange semester at the partner institution

Departments/Colleges Coordinators Room Phone E-mail
School of Nursing Gülcan Bağçivan Topkapı 2675
College of Adm. Sci. & Econ.
International Relations Ziya Öniş CASE 150 1670
Business Administration Zekiye Selvili CASE 240 1456
Economics Murat Usman CASE 248 1553
College of Soc. Sci. & Hums.
Psychology Yasemin Kisbu-Sakarya SOS Z13D 1114
Media and Visual Arts Amir Hetsroni SOS Z08C 1131
Archeology History of Arts Ivana Jevtic SOS 310 1712
English Lang. & Comparative Litr. Mert Bahadır Reisoğlu SOS 273 1528 MREISOGLU@KU.EDU.TR
History Can Nacar SOS Z 11B 1130
Philosophy Eylem Özaltun SOS Z22C 1116
Sociology Fatoş Gökşen SOS 258
Law School Yasin Alperen Karaşahin SOS 151 1825
College of Science Özgür Müstecaplıoğlu SCI 155 1424
Mathematics Hasan İnci SCI 268 1687 HINCI@KU.EDU.TR
Molecular Bio. & Genetics Halil Kavaklı ENG Z36 1708
Chemistry Umut Aydemir SCI Z61 1449
Physics Özgür Müstecaplıoğlu SCI 155 1424
College of Engineering Öznur Özkasap ENG 144 1584
KU Institutional Erasmus Coordinator Yiğit Sayın DOS B334
Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities Tuğçe Şatana CASE Z13 1883
Graduate School of Business Başak Yalman CASE 1455