Partner Minimum GPA

2.2 (Bachelor), 2.5 (Masters)

Language Proficiency

TOEFL: Upper-intermediate level B2 in French and/or non-native speakers are requested to provide an equivalent international language certificate (TOEFL (80), IELTS (6.0), KUEPE (60))


2 students in total for one semester (undergraduate/graduate)

2 undergraduate or graduate students


CASE: Business Administration, Economics

GSB: MSc in Finance, Master of International Management


Recommendations from the partner institution:
– Students must read the course description carefully and check prerequisites to ensure appropriate background especially in the master courses.
– Students must check timetables available in the course description to ensure presence to all classes.
– Courses selected out of the specific list will not be approved unless previously discussed with Muriel Bequet.
Third year students will choose from our specific offer for Bachelor students (provided that they meet prerequisites).
Fourth year students will choose from our specific offer for Master students (provided that they meet prerequisites).
 In case, these requirements are not met, HEC coordinator will adapt the student program accordingly.
 Timetables Tip
 To check possible timetable arrangements, type the different course codes (ERAS0001, MARK9202, ECON0064…) in a line in the frame Resource(s)


SOL: Only 2 faculty members