UNIC Partner Institutions

In 2020, Koç University became a member of the “European Universities Initiative” of the EU by being a member of the “UNIC” consortium together with 7 other universities in Europe.​ In scope of this project and Virtual Exchange program, Koç University is opening variety of courses to all UNIC students.

Along with Koç University, the following leading institutions from Europe are members of the UNIC network.

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Ruhr University of Bochum (RUB, Germany)
  • University College Cork (Cork, Ireland)
  • University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain)
  • University of Liège (Liege, Belgium)
  • University of Oulu (Oulu, Finland)
  • University of Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Malmö University (Malmö, Sweden)
  • University of Lodz (Lodz, Poland)

Where Can I See the Courses?

KU courses open to Virtual Exchange for Spring 2023 can be found here: UNIC Opened Courses

When Can I Apply?

Application and Selection Calendar for Virtual Exchange in Spring 2024  is as follows:


Application Period: 19/01/2024 – 28/01/2024 and late applications will not be accepted. 

Announcement of Course Planning Results: 30/01/2024 

Students will be informed about course planning results via e-mail. 

How Can I Apply?

Online application is done via  Virtual Exchange Incoming Application Form.

All courses offered by Koc University is only open to BA/BSc level students.

– Applicants are required to have good academic standing.
– All courses at Koç University are offered in English. Therefore, applicants are required to be fluent in English language.


Important remarks about course selection:

Please not that  Virtual Exchange Incoming Application Form is required for only collecting requests for Virtual Exchange at Koç University. To be able to enrol in courses, students who would like to attend virtual exchange at KU are required to make course planning and enrolment after they receive their user name and password for logging in Koç University Academic Information System, called KUSIS.

For KUSIS, your user name and password will be created by Koc University UNIC Mobility Hub team following the deadline of completing the application form. Once your credentials are ready, you will be informed by Koc University UNIC Mobility Hub.

We would like to emphasize that course planning and course enrolment are two separate processes. Students are expected to complete course planning step first and then course enrolment.

Important: Please keep in mind that, due to the prerequisites and reserved capacity, you may not take all the courses you plan.

Academic Life at a Glance

Academic Calendar

Academic calendar can be found here.


KUSIS (Koç University Academic Information System)

KUSIS is an online platform used to fill out petitions, locate classrooms, reach professors, and view course content.

You can check the “how to videos” for KUSIS and use the system effectively.


Course Planning and Enrollment

Course planning and course enrollment are two separate processes. You should plan your courses before the course enrollment. By doing that, you will be able to see if your courses overlap or if there are any prerequisites, etc.

Please see some important tips for course planning here.

In addition to this, we would like to inform you that some courses may have prerequisites thus we highly recommend all students to check course information before course selection.


Grading Scale

A+ 4.00 Superior+ 98-100
A 4.00 Superior 90-100
A- 3.70 Superior- 87-89
B+ 3.30 Above Average+ 83-86
B 3.00 Above Average 80-82
B- 2.70 Above Average- 77-79
C+ 2.30 Average+ 73-76
C 2.00 Average 70-72
C- 1.70 Average- 67-69
D+ 1.30 Deficient+ 64-66
D 1.00 Deficient 60-63
F 0.00 Failing 00-59

Course load indicates how many credits you take per semester. 1 KU credit / unit is equal to 2 ECTS.

After Virtual Mobility Semester

At the end of the semester, student transcripts will be issued by the UNIC Mobility Hub at KU to the home institution and students via e-mail.

Please note that transcripts cannot be issued until all grades have been entered into the online information system, which can take up to one month after the last day of examinations.

Cancellation of Virtual Mobility

Should you plan to cancel one/more or all courses that you plan to take as part of UNIC Virtual Mobility program, please inform us via e-mail through unicmobilty@ku.edu.tr 

Useful Documents

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