Erasmus+ ICM Staff Mobility to Koç University

Guidelines for Incoming Applicants

(Mobilities of 2018-2019 academic year must be conducted before 30 July 2019)

The Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission promotes the mobility of students and faculty members and staff. The action KA107 of the International Credit Mobility program provides funding for exchange mobility with partner countries. The Koç University (KU) has been awarded with grants under the action KA107 therefore students and staff from our partner universities have the opportunity to fund their exchanges to our institution.




I Purpose of The Call

Student and teaching mobility is one of the key activities within the framework of the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme in the field of Education, Youth and Sport. The present Call is based on the funding awarded to KU for mobility projects with EU‐partner countries under Key Action 107 of the Erasmus+ Programme. As a consequence, exchanges will be implemented, preferably, during the second semester of the 2016‐2017 academic year or in the 2016‐2017 academic year (either first or second semester), always before 30 July 2018.

The main purposes of this call are:  

  • To offer training, research and study development opportunities to students, young researchers and lecturers from partner country universities.  
  • To achieve sustained improvements in knowledge, teaching and research skills.
  • To forge and deepen lasting links between KU and our partner universities, thus enhancing transnational academic cooperation.
  • To improve participants’ language and cultural skills, promoting mutual enrichment and understanding.  

In the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, all mobility activities are conditional upon the signature of an inter-institutional agreement between the sending and the receiving universities before the start of the mobility.  

II Requisites For Applicants

To be eligible, applicants must fulfil the following general condition:

  • Assume responsibility for performing the mobility, preferably between the second semester of the 2016‐2017 academic year or in the 2016‐2017 academic year (either first or second semester), always before 30 July 2018.
  • If you have special needs* then you should upload in the application form a document that specifically proves the actual status of vulnerability and should inform the Host Institution of any special logistics necessary.

*Applicants who have disadvantaged background, socio-economic difficulties, mental, physical, sensory or other disabilities.

Specific requisites for Teaching Staff:

  • Have a contractual relationship with the home institution at the time of application and while in exchange at at one of the partner universities (according to the list provided in section 3 of this call).
  • Be nominated for mobility by one of the partner universities (according to the list provided in section 3 of this call).
  • Submit a Mobility Agreement Proposal for teaching staff accepted by the sending and the receiving institutions, including at least 8 hours of teaching during the 5 days stay.  
  • Koç University will be in charge of admission & placement.

Staff mobility for training (STT): staff employed in the Partner country HEI. This activity supports the professional development of HEI teaching and non-teaching staff in the form of training events abroad (excluding conferences) and job shadowing/observation periods/training at a partner HEI, or at another relevant organization abroad.

Specific requisites for Training:

  • Have a contractual relationship at the time of application and while in exchange at one of the partner universities (according to the list provided in section 3 of this call).
  • Be nominated for mobility by one of the partner universities (according to the list provided in section 3 of this call).

Prepare a mobility agreement proposal describing the aims, activities and foreseen working plan and having into consideration the objectives and goals of the programme; Ensure that this proposal is objective and specific concerning its methodology and viability, impact and benefit, as well as the capacity of attaining the project’s purposes within the timeframe established by the duration of the  scholarship. The lack of detailed information or objectivity will reduce the chances of success during the process of application’s evaluation;

III Universities and Estimated Grants

Country University
Number of Grants /Teaching
Number of Grants/Training
Azerbaijan ADA University 2 3
Hong Kong Chinese University of Hong Kong 1 1
Lingnan University    
Lebanon American University of Beirut 3 4

Grants consist of a travel allowance and a daily amount according to the flat rates stated by the Erasmus+ Programme:

Country Subsistence (amount/Daily) Travel Allowance*
Azerbaijan 140 € 275 €
Hong Kong 140 € 1100 €
Lebanon 140 € 275 €

*This is calculated automatically by a website indicated by the European Commission and cannot be subject to any change. The financial support allocated to the "travel distance" is the maximum allowed by
the Erasmus+ Programme and is intended to contribute to the round trip back
between the home and host institutions.

Although the mobility duration for Staff may be from min. 5 to 60 days, due to budget restrictions, only 5 working days + 1 travel day may be financed.

The grant is paid in EUR to your bank account in the home country. An initial payment will represent 70% of the estimated total amount of the grant. The remaining 30% is paid at the end of the mobility, once you have submitted the form “Confirmation of Study Period” and filled in the online evaluation sent to you through the Erasmus Mobility Tool.

Grants will be paid to the beneficiaries by the Koç University, according to real arrival and departure dates. The payment of these scholarships is subject to the regulations of the KU and the law.

Deduction and Refund of Grant

If a staff member fails to submit and complete all the required paperwork to Koc University on time, staff will be obliged to pay the grant received (70%) back to Koc University.

If a staff leaves Koc University before minimum time frame (5 days)  and cannot present a compelling reason* with proof, staff’s exchange period is considered null and staff has to return his/her grant (70%) to Koc University within the specified time frame.

If a staff leaves Koc University and Turkey for more than 1 week, staff is either asked to pay that amount back to Koc University or that amount will be deducted from the remainder of the grant (20%).

*proven compelling reasons such as familial, health reasons, natural disaster .

Additional support for staff with disabilities

Erasmus staff with disabilities* can apply for additional grant funds. For more information, please contact at .



IV Compatibility

Grants under the Erasmus+ Partner Countries (KA107) program are not compatible with any other Erasmus+ scholarships granted for the same exchange mobility.

V Criteria for Evaluation

The selection committee of the home university will evaluate the applicants and will prioritize candidates according to the established criteria and budgetary availability. The selection process will be based on the principles of equity, fairness and transparency. The first criterion is academic merit, but with equivalent academic/professional level, preference should be assigned to students from less advantaged socio-economic backgrounds.

Evaluation criteria for Staff Training/Teaching Staff:

  • Mobility Agreement Proposal feasibility and contribution to common academic/professional interests between the sending and receiving partner institutions.  
  • Relevance to institutional relations between the sending and receiving partner institutions.  

Important Note: The first part of the selection process will be undertaken at the staff members’ home universities and these selection processes will be organized by these institutions according to their own regulations, but always taking into account the following Erasmus Charter principles:

  • Respect in full the principles of non-discrimination and to promote and ensure equal access and opportunities to mobile participants from all backgrounds, in particular disadvantaged or vulnerable groups. Apply a selection process that is fair, transparent and documented, ensuring equal opportunities to participants eligible for mobility.
  • Partner universities will be provided information on mobility soon and will begin with the selection process in due time. Information relevant to the implementation of this project will be duly published on this site.
  • Koc University trusts that partner universities run a selection process by taking these regulations into consideration.

VI Application Process

Partner HEIs should send nomination/committee selection report a week before application deadline at the latest.

The application period will be open until 6nd January 2017 for the first round.

The application period will be open from 20th March 2017 until 10th April 2017 for the second round.    

In case some grants are not exhausted after the second round a third round will be announced.  

Applicants must complete the online application on the KU website ( and upload the required documents given below.

Application Form Online* Online / Mandatory
Mobility Agreement accepted by the home and receiving institution Upload / Mandatory
Home University Confirmation Upload / Mandatory
Special Needs Statement If Applicable

VII Call decision and Right to Appeal

The Erasmus+ Selection Committee are in charge of conducting the selection process.

A decision for the first round will be published on the KU website on 6th February 2017 and will be announced to the beneficiaries and partner universities by e‐mail.

A decision for the second round will be published on the KU website on 17th April 2017 and will be announced to the beneficiaries and partner universities by e‐mail.

Selected candidates will not have more than seven days to accept or reject the offered scholarship via .

If your application was neither selected for a grant nor included in the reserve list, you will be informed about the reasons and have at least one week to appeal against this decision to the Selection Committee via .

VIII Rights of The Beneficiary

  • To perform the entire mobility period awarded without the possibility of extending the grant.   
  • To receive the grant according to the amounts set out in the Erasmus+ Programme guidelines. The expenses not covered by the grant will be borne by the beneficiary.
  • To receive information and advice on the application procedure, as well as pre‐ departure and on‐site guidance.
  • To have the teaching/training period abroad recognized by the sending university.        

IX Obligations of The Beneficiary

  • To take out and prove to be in possession of adequate insurance throughout the mobility period according to Erasmus+ programme rules.
  • To obtain the Visa for the stay in the receiving country
  • To carry out the mobility stay according to the proposal and dates committed, during the second semester of the 2016‐2017 academic year or in the 2017‐2018 academic year, always before 30 July 2018.
  • To complete all procedures and fill in the required documents as required by the Erasmus+ Programme, before, during and after the mobility period, meeting the deadlines established by KU:

Before mobility:

  • Filled out and signed Grant Agreement
  • Filled out and signed Mobility Agreement Proposal for Teaching/Training

After mobility:

  • Submission of the Mobility Certificate
  • Online mobility final assessment survey
  • Any other obligation inherent to the Erasmus+ Programme and the internal regulations of the sending and receiving institutions.

If you accept an Erasmus+ mobility grant without fulfilling the conditions and requirements above, you will be obliged to pay it back.

X Information

All of the information regarding this call will be available on the KU website.

For any questions concerning this call, the e‐mail contact is:

Please find ICM Useful Documents at