Erasmus Grant & Payment Procedure


Financial support is available for the academic staff members to spend teaching periods abroad and for the administrative staff to have training at an institution or university.

The number of grantees is determined by the National Agency in accordance with the grant allocated to Koç University for the year

Grants are paid to staff members in two instalments. 70% of the total grant (daily grant & travel grant) is paid before departure in 30-45 days following the submission of before mobility documents to OIP, and the remaining 30% is paid after the staff member submits all required after mobility documents, depending on the mobility duration as verified by the Certificate of Attendance. Payments are made in Euros, which requires a Euro bank account in Yapi Kredi Bank.


Daily Grant Amount

Erasmus+ Staff mobility program provides daily stipend to staff members based on the table below. Koç University holds the right to determine the maximum duration for grant payment. Grant payments are made in  Euro without being subjected to tax cuts.


Country Group

Host Country

Grant Amount Per Day (Euro)

1. Group Program Countries

United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway


2. Group Program Countries

Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, The Netherlands, Spain, Malta, Portugal,


3. Group Program Countries

Bulgaria, Latvia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia



For  staff mobility activities lasting more than 14 days; %70     of         the       above-mentioned            amounts must be taken into  consideration as daily grant after day 15 and more.

Any grant cannot be paid for the days without an activity  or being certified.

Travel Grant

Travel grant must be calculated via distance calculator according to the table below. The grant amount is for a round trip and cannot be multiplied. Connecting flights are subjected to the same procedure.

Travel Distances

Amount (€)

Between 10-99 km

 €           20.00

Between 100-499 km

 €         180.00

Between 500-1999km

 €         275.00

Between 2000-2999 km

 €         360.00

Between 3000-3999 km

 €         530.00

Between 4000- 7999 km

 €         820.00

8000km and more

 €     1,500.00



Grant Deduction


Zero Grant Participation

Participants are able to participate in Erasmus+ Study program without receiving grant. However, it should be noted that the participants have to go through the same application & selection procedures and also submit the required documents (before-during-after mobility) to OIP.

Erasmus Disability Grant