Experiencing Diversity:

Experiencing Diversity:

Every Exchange Has a Story! 

Each year, Koç University opens doors to exchange students who comes from various locations around the world. At KU every single exchange student brings a new story to the community. Each story shared empowers and contributes to the diversity of the campus and class environment.

Here are some facts about Fall’18 exchange term:

100+ exchange students and 24 mentors

This term, we welcomed more than 110 international exchange students. No journey is to be walked alone therefore a well-selected mentor team of OIP has been assisting the exchange students from the very beginning of their time in Istanbul to the moment of a farewell.

KU greets exchange students in the warmest way possible on the campus. A well-structured orientation week to the exchange students is a tradition here.












The orientation week is the moment where a new journey starts for an exchange student at KU. Imagine a week full of meeting up with new people, getting to know the campus and its facilities and exploring the historical city of Istanbul.


With love from Incoming Exchange Students

Thanks to such a nice environment of Koç, I can learn many new things and make new friends. Plus, Istanbul is a great place to grasp how rich culture Turkey has because of significant role of Istanbul in terms of culture and history. Even the language barrier, local people are so friendly, and I really thank local people for their hospitality.

Yusuke Ogawa, Waseda University, Japan

Living here has been one of the best experiences of my life. Such an alive city that welcomes you and makes you feel safe from the moment you arrive. It impossible to fully describe how beautiful it is to live here, in order to understand it, you will have to live it yourself. 

Fernanda Barrera Lopez, ITAM, Mexico


I had wonderful experience that i had here. Full of joyful, meeting new people and of course studying. I really did like the people here, they were helpful, kind, straightforward although they dont know english much. Thanks KOÇ, Thanks OIP and big thanks to our mentors who made our life much easier.

Mahmoud Obaid, The University of Jordan, Jordan


I spent two semesters at Koç University In Istanbul and I recommend it to everyone who is keen to experience student life within a new and diverse cultural environment. Istanbul has it all ; history, culture and traditions, amazing landmarks, vibrant nightlife and breathtaking views. This experience helped me not just to discover new things but also helped me to know who am I really as a person.

Yasmina Teouil, Paris Dauphine University, France


More than just a semester: Outgoing Exchange Students Video Contest 

Studying abroad may be one of the most valuable experiences for a university student. By going on exchange, students have the opportunity to study in a foreign nation and take in the allure and culture of a new land. Choosing to study abroad can be one of the most enriching, fulfilling, interesting and educationally stimulating experiences of a student's entire life. Students were asked to shoot videos about their study abroad experiences. Here is the winning video by Onur Can Uçarer about his time at the Stellenbosch University in South Africa. 












More incoming and outgoing students' experiences are live on Koç Uni Exchange Blog and on our YouTube Channel 


Local Friends Program, Fall 2018

Local Friends Program (LFP) was launched in 2015 and led since by the International Community Office continues to be a cultural meeting space with its diverse participant body. Fall 2018 semester welcomed new participants from Taiwan, Jordan, Pakistan, USA, Austria, India, Germany, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Syria, China, Russia, Chile and Palestine. Total number of current student participants is 55. Like every semester, at the beginning of the program there was a Meet & Greet event where the program advisor Mr. Mert Sanivar gave a brief presentation about the program content and guidelines for participants. Participants enjoyed a complimentary lunch box and had their first chats with their partners. 


Workshop for TA’s Led by Office of International Programs Staff

OIP Staff Mr. Mert Sanivar who oversees the International Student & Scholar Services at KU has been giving a workshop to TA’s at KU on Intercultural Communication since Spring 2018. . In its second semester now, workshops had over 150 attendees. The workshop offers a shift for TAs from the scholarly space to a collaborative workshop classroom where students from various disciplines sit in a circle and (re)consider communication and intercultural communication in every day life and in very spaces of the university. This Fall, 10 sessions were organized for about 200 TAs. “It’s a unique opportunity to foster cross-cultural understanding where we have a group of domestic and international students in each session”, says Mr. Sanivar.