Following the completion of the program, student has to take the following steps.

Students will receive the rest of the grant (20%) only after submitting all these documents.Students should bring official bank receipts regarding the grant payment. If a student do not complete and submit these forms to the OIP, his/her traineeship will not be valid and he/she will not receive a grant.

Important Note

When a student leaves his/her host institution before the end date and returns without a valid reason, the student will be asked to pay back the amount for the duration between the planned end date and actual return date. In case a student returns before the end date of the program without any valid reason, the student will be asked to pay back the entire amount.

Grants are paid in two installments as 80% (within 45 days after the contract is signed between the applicant and KU)  and 20% (upon the successful completion of the program).

Insurance All participants are required to have their own Health Insurance Coverage as well a liability Insurance Coverage and Accident Insurance Coverage.