Summer Exchange at Koç University offers a broad range of courses and provides an education with an international and intercultural perspective.



Koç University’s Virtual Summer Exchange Program in 2022 aims to create a rewarding summer experience for students from both partner and non-partner universities. It combines high-quality courses and the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities throughout the 7-week Summer School.

As a non-profit foundation university in İstanbul since its establishment, Koç University has become a leading university in Türkiye, distinguished by notable contributions to the elevation of education, knowledge, and service, domestically and beyond. Koç University ranks among the top research universities in Türkiye in terms of number of articles per academic member, which indicates the importance attached to research, and success of academic members and research programs.

Summer Exchange Program at KU (only virtual in 2022) offers a broad range of courses in English, both on undergraduate and graduate level taught by an international team of experienced lecturers. This year, in addition to regular summer courses, KU is offering an innovative learning journey to our Summer Exchange Students thanks to the Virtual Summer Exchange with Enhancing the 21st Century Skills Certificate Program.

Students who are enrolled in a partner institution as a full-degree-seeking student are waived from the tuition fee for this program. Students of non-partner institutions need to contact to learn about the free-mover procedures.

KU’s 2022 Virtual Summer School will run between 27 June and 14 August, 2022 (including Finals) and the program for the Orientation Days will be announced soon. 


Please see the program flyer here.


This year in our Virtual Summer Exchange Program, in addition to regular summer courses, Koç University is offering an innovative learning journey to our incoming exchange students with the Enhancing the 21st Century Skills Certificate Program. During the virtual summer exchange, incoming students will be able to attend workshops on 21st century skills by Koç University’s esteemed departments and at the end of the semester, upon completing the requirements, they will be provided with a program certificate.

The workshops will be offered under three main categories (Exact titles, dates and times of the workshops will be announced later):

Learning and Innovation Skills: A person who has developed Learning and Innovation Skills is competent in critical thinking, innovative thinking, and systematic thinking; can solve problems efficiently; can communicate and negotiate clearly and straightforwardly; has empathy; can manage their own learning; and values life-long learning.

Information, Media, and Technology Skills: A person who has developed Information, Media, and Technology Skills can access information effectively and efficiently; is willing to learn new skills; can evaluate the information to be used critically and competently; and can use information effectively to solve problems.

Career and Life Skills: A person who has developed Career and Life Skills can set goals and targets; manage time and decide priorities; is flexible and adaptable; can interact and work in different teams; can take on responsibilities and accept feedback.

Please note that only the students who will attend our regular Virtual Summer School in 2022 can take part in Enhancing the 21st Century Skills Certificate Program. Students cannot be nominated or apply only for the certificate program.

The titles of the workshops can be found below. Exact dates and times of the workshops will be announced later.

  • Being Human in the Future of Work
  • Leadership on the rise
  • Teamwork Skills and Project Management in the 21st Century
  • Creative Thinking and Digital Tools
  • Stress Management


Please note that due to the nature of the trainings, at least 6 students are required for each session or the certificate program may be cancelled. In such case, students will only attend the regular summer exchange courses. 


Students who are enrolled in a partner institution as a full-degree-seeking student are waived from the tuition fee for this program. However, they need to selected and nominated by their home university. They cannot directly apply.

Students of non-partner institutions need to contact to learn about the free-mover procedures.

To see if yor home university and KU are partners, please view our Institutional Partners List.


If you are enrolled in a partner institution as a full-degree-seeking student, you can be nominated by your home university on, thus you will not need to pay the tuition fee. Please consult the Exchange Programs Office in your university to learn more about your university’s internal summer abroad procedures.

Once you are nominated, you will receive an e-mail with your log-in credentials. With this e-mail, you can immediately begin the application process and upload the required documents. Once the application period is over, all applications will be reviewed and the applicants will be notified both through e-mail and on the application portal.


Required application documents for partner university students are as follows:

  • 1 passport size photo
  • Copy of English proficiency exam or a letter from your study abroad advisor confirming that your English level is minimum B2 (CEFR)
  • Sealed and approved official transcript with a mininum CGPA 2.20/4.00 for Erasmus countries and 2.50/4.00 for Global Exchange countries.
  • Identification Certificate / Passport

You can send an e-mail for further information.


Course Terminology


Course Load, ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) & KU Credits

Course load indicates how many credits students take per semester. KU students usually take one or two courses during summer (3 KU credits is  usually -but not always- equal to 6 ECTS). Please note that there may be exceptions in credit equivalency. So, students are responsible to check the course syllabus and KUSIS during course planning and enrollment to see the ECTS worth of the course.


Course Codes 

Course time-tables are coded as B1, B2, B3, A1, A2, A3, etc. B stands for 75 minute long courses and A stands for 50 minute courses. For instance:

A1: 09:30-10:20    A5: 13:30-14:20
A2: 10:30-11:20    A6: 14:30-15:20
A3:  11:30-12:20   A7: 15:30-16:20
A4:  12:30-13:20   A8: 16:30-17:20

Courses coded 100-499 indicate UNDERGRADUATE courses.
Courses coded 500-699 indicate GRADUATE courses.
Any course codes greater than 699 indicate doctorate courses.


Grading System


A+ 4.00 Superior+ 98-100
A 4.00 Superior 90-100
A- 3.70 Superior- 87-89
B+ 3.30 Above Average+ 83-86
B 3.00 Above Average 80-82
B- 2.70 Above Average- 77-79
C+ 2.30 Average+ 73-76
C 2.00 Average 70-72
C- 1.70 Average- 67-69
D+ 1.30 Deficient+ 64-66
D 1.00 Deficient 60-63
F 0.00 Failing 00-59


Course Planning and Enrollment

The dates for course planning and enrollment will be shared with you via e-mail by OIP once announced by the Registrar’s Office.

Please note that course planning and course enrollment are two separate process. You can start planning your courses on KUSIS before your arrival. However, course enrollment is made during the Orientation Week with the help of mentor student.

As Koc Univesity, we provide you with the freedom to take courses from any programs regardless of your major as long as it is also approved by your home university. However, due to the prerequisites and reserved capacity, you may not take all the courses you plan to. Therefore, we kindly ask you to get approval from your home University to select more courses than you normally need in order to be on the safe side in terms of credit requirements.


Tentative Course List for Summer 2022 Semester


Incoming exchange students for Summer 2022 semester will attend an orientation program virtually before the classes start. Orientation dates and the orientation program for Summer 2022 will be announced soon. During the orientation, students will have the chance to get to know KU and its online services better and socialize with other students virtually.


At Koç University, each incoming exchange student is assigned to a mentor student who is a full-degree-seeking student at KU. Mentors act as a guide and resource person to assist in transition to life at KU throughout the semester. The mentors go through a rigorous selection, interview and training process before being assigned to a group of students. Mentors are reliable, hard-working and culturally-aware individuals. They take incoming exchange students’ well-being into consideration at all times and are always willing to help.