Short Term Programs at Partner Universities (For KU Students)

Some of our partner universities offer short term summer programs, internship, research assistantship and volunteering program opportunities.

Please note: OIP does not coordinate these programs, therefore you will need to contact with the program coordinators directly at related universities, the program details and contact information are given below. 


Country Taiwan
Type of the Program Internship/Volunteering Program
Program Name TEEP (Taiwan Experience Education Program for International Talents)
Program Information Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP) welcomes students to join different universities and colleges in Taiwan for short term professional internship/volunteering programs. Qualified international students are welcome to apply for TEEP Fellowship. The cultural immersion program is designed to help the students learn Chinese language and understand Taiwanese culture for the students to be successfully adapted in Taiwan during their internship period.
Aplication Deadline N/A
Tuition N/A
Contact Program Coordinator (Sasha):


Country Taiwan
Type of the Program Lab Internship
Program Name Internship at Institute of Systems Neuroscience
Program Information Eligible students must be from College of Sciences and School of Medicine. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to spend a summer or a semester, working in the laboratories of faculty members. Some labs may provide partial financial support but most of expenses must be covered by the students. Interested students are encouraged to contact faculty members directly. Students are encouraged to focus on their classes while on exchange and apply for research position/s after the exchange semester.
Aplication Deadline N/A
Tuition N/A
Contact For more information contact with faculty members on the website.