Opportunities for Teaching and Administrative Staff


Erasmus KA107 Fall 2018 First Application/ Selection Results


KU and ICM partner university staff from academic and administrative units, may benefit from Erasmus+ ICM grants to undertake teaching abroad, or training and work shadowing at below given partner institutions.Please note that quotas are subjected to change.

(*) Mobilities to Morocco and Israel should be realized until July 2019.

Country University Departments for Teaching Activity Quota for Teaching Activity Quota for Training Activity
Israel* INTERDISCIPLINARY CENTER (IDC) HERZLIYA CASE, LAW, CSSH (Psychology, Media and Visual Arts) CE (Computer Engineering) 3 3
Tel Aviv University TBA
Egypt AMERICAN UNIVERSITY of CAIRO All Departments* 1 1
Ghana UNIVERSITY of GHANA All Departments* 1 1
Cambodia ROYAL UNIVERSITY of PHNOM PENH All Departments* 1 1
Vietnam Vietnam National University, Hanoi All Departments* 2 2



Higher School of Economics (HSE) (Moscow and St. Petersburg Campuses)



All departments*

Total of 4 quotas:2 staff for 2017 Project2 staff for 2018 Project Total of 4 quotas:2 staff for 2017 Project2 staff for 2018 Project

I Program Description

Staff Mobility for Teaching :

Teaching assignments can come in various forms and take place as seminars, lectures and tutorials, for example. Actual teaching in this context should require the teacher to be physically present with the students. Although e-mail tutoring or any other forms of distance learning as well as preparation are highly encouraged, they do not count in the minimum number of 8 hours of teaching. However, higher education institutions have the flexibility to judge themselves which types of teaching should be funded by assessing the added value of the content proposed in the mobility agreement in terms of quality and impact on their internationalisation and modernisation strategy.

Staff mobility for training :  

This activity supports the professional development of HEI teaching and non-teaching staff in the form of training events abroad (excluding conferences) and job shadowing/observation periods/training at a partner HEI, or at another relevant organization abroad.

Outgoing staff from KU must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must have an employment contract with KU during the mobility period.
  •  Must have a recommendation from their Unit Director/Dean’s Office to fulfil mobility period
  • Must prepare a mobility agreement proposal describing the aims, activities and foreseen working plan and having into consideration the objectives and goals of the programme; Ensure that this proposal is objective and specific concerning its methodology and viability, impact and benefit, as well as the capacity of attaining the project’s purposes within the timeframe established by the duration of the  scholarship. The lack of detailed information or objectivity will reduce the chances of success during the process of application’s evaluation.

Specific requisites for PhD students

  • Must have identified an academic willing to host them at the institution
  • Must be engaged in 8 hours of teaching activities per week at the host institution

II Criteria for Evaluation

Applications will be evaluated by the Erasmus selection The selection committee will be asked to score each application on the criteria described below. With the exception of (a) and (e), all other criteria will be scored according to a numeric value. The applicants with the highest overall score will be offered the grants. With equivalent academic/professional levels, preference should be assigned to students from less advantaged socio-economic backgrounds.

Assessment criteria Score
(a) Eligibility: The teaching staff meets the eligibility criteria for the proposed mobility
Yes / No
(b) Motivation: The staff clearly demonstrates how he/she will benefit academically and
personally from the proposed mobility period.
(c) Mobility plan: The application includes a strong teaching/training plan that has been
approved by the applicant's supervisor and by the host university.
(d) Potential impact: The application clearly outlines the expected outputs of the proposed
mobility period e.g. future plans for collaboration, internationalisation of the curriculum, etc.
(e) English: full professional proficiency Yes / No
(f) Participants: who have participated in Erasmus+ Staff Exchange Program before or
residents of the destination country
Maximum Score 15

III Application Process

The first application period for the Academic Year of 2018-19 will be open until between 30/10/2018 and 03/12/2018.

Please visit Application & Selection Calendar page for the application deadlines for 2nd and  3rd call. In case some grants are not exhausted after the second round a third round will be announced.  

Applicants must complete the online application on the KU website ( and upload the required documents given below.

Application Form Online* Online / Mandatory
CV in English Upload / Mandatory
Letter of motivation and potential impact Upload / Mandatory
Special Needs Statement If Applicable
Language Certificate  If applicable (only for administrative staff)





IV Erasmus+ Grant

Financial support is available for the academic staff to spend teaching periods abroad and for the administrative staff to have training at an institution or university.

Individual Support

For exchange partners who are part of 2017 Erasmus+ Worldwide project, the daily grant amount is 160 € in scope of the Erasmus+ Worldwide program for the mobilities up to 14 days. 

For exchange partners who are part of 2018 Erasmus+ Worldwide project, the daily grant amount is 180 € in scope of the Erasmus+ Worldwide program for the mobilities up to 14 days. 

Travel Grant

Travel support is provided according to distance between Istanbul and the city of the host university. Distances can be calculated with the Distance Calculator tool of the EU Commission, which indicates the maximum amount of payment for travel.



Travel Grant













Russia (Moscow)


Russia (St. Petersburg)




  • Grants are transferred in Euro. Please note that Erasmus+ Grant may not cover all of your expenses during your mobility. Participants are responsible for all other incurred expenses.
  • 70% of the grant will be paid when the before mobility documents are submitted. The rest of the grant is paid after the mobility when all documents are completed.
  • The total grant amount is calculated basing on the daily grant amount for host country and total number of days of the mobility.
  • In order to receive the daily grant for one of the days you travel. Your travel days (departure or arrival) must be one day before or after your mobility.. (For example; if your mobility dates are September 11-13, your arrival date should be September 10th or your departure date should be September 14th.)
  • In case the participant conducts the mobility less than 2 days, the mobility is deemed invalid and the grant is requested back.
  • Unless the participant does not submit the Certificate of Participation which proves the mobility, the mobility is deemed invalid and the grant is requested back.

V Call decision and Right to Appeal

A decision for the first round will be published on the KU website on 12/12/2018 and will be announced to the beneficiaries and partner universities by e‐mail.

Selected candidates will not have more than seven days to accept or reject the offered scholarship via .

If your application was neither selected for a grant nor included in the reserve list, you will be informed about the reasons and have at least one week to appeal against this decision to the Selection Committee via .

VI Rights of The Beneficiary

  • To perform the entire mobility period awarded without the possibility of extending the grant.   
  • To receive the grant according to the amounts set out in the Erasmus+ Programme guidelines. The expenses not covered by the grant will be borne by the beneficiary.
  • To receive information and advice on the application procedure, as well as pre‐ departure and on‐site guidance.
  • To have the teaching/training period abroad recognized by the sending university.        

VII Obligations of The Beneficiary

  • To take out and prove to be in possession of adequate insurance throughout the mobility period according to Erasmus+ programme rules.
  • To obtain the Visa for the stay in the receiving country
  • For 2017 Erasmus+ Worldwide project countries, to carry out the mobility stay according to the proposal and dates committed, during the second semester of the 2018-19 academic year, always before 30 July 2020.
  • For 2018 Erasmus+ Worldwide project countries, to carry out the mobility stay according to the proposal and dates committed, during the second semester of the 2018-19 academic year or in the 2019-20 academic year, always before 30 July 2020.
  • To complete all procedures and fill in the required documents as required by the Erasmus+ Programme, before, during and after the mobility period, meeting the deadlines established by KU:

Before mobility:  

  • Filled out and signed Grant Agreement  
  • Filled out and signed Mobility Agreement Proposal for Teaching/Training

After mobility:  

  • Submission of the Mobility Certificate
  • Online mobility final assessment survey
  • Any other obligation inherent to the Erasmus+ Programme and the internal regulations of the sending and receiving institutions.

If you accept an Erasmus+ mobility grant without fulfilling the conditions and requirements above, you will be obliged to pay it back.

VIII Information

All of the information regarding this call will be available on the KU website.

For any questions concerning this call, the e‐mail contact is:

Please find ICM Useful Documents on this page.