Research Assistantship for Exchange Students


Research Assistantship for Exchange Students

Research Assistantships for Exchange Students at Koç University

Koç University (KU) welcomes research assistants from all around the world to cooperate with our faculty in their research projects. 

For any questions, please contact Incoming Exchange Advisors: 


Faculty Discipline Description Number Requested Name of Professor     Contact   
GSSE Chemistry Nanoparticles synthesis and their catalytic application in a chemistry laboratory 1 Onder Metin

GSSSH Design/Psychology/Behavioral Sciences Designing interventions that motivate healthy hydration of elderly 1 Aykut Coşkun
GSB Strategy I would like to work with someone to help me with academic research on competitiveness and shared value as I am willing to write 2 papers during the Spring term. I am looking for an assistant with prior experience on academic research and academic writing. 1 Melike Mermercioğlu*
GSSH Interaction Design Helping for the fieldwork, archive research, collecting of methods/projects for the forthcoming research activities in 2019 in the area of design anthropology, sharing economy, older people. 2 Özge Subaşı
CSSH History,Computer Science,Geography, Digital Humanities Geo-referencing historical maps, digitising historical documents, basic coding and data analysis (see 2 M. Erdem Kabadayı
CASE Operations Management/ Public Health Literature review on cancer screening-> Data extraction on already selected set of medical articles, for an empirical research paper 1 or 2  Özge Karanfil
CSSH / GSSSH Psychology Support the instructor in finding case studies and other active learning materials for the students. 1 Nazlı Baydar
CSSH History of Art Student having interest and some background in the history of Asian arts and architecture, particularly South-East Asia, China and Japan 1 Ivana Jevtic

*Request should go through OIP