Global Exchange Scholarship & Payment Procedure

Global Exchange Scholarship is a need based funding provided by Koç University to its students. These grants are given only once for one semester.

Who is eligible?

The Global Exchange Scholarship Program offers financial support for selected KU students.

All undergraduate students, excluding ELC, and graduate coursework students studying overseas for 12 weeks or longer may also apply for the scholarship program, which provides a grant of an amount determined on the basis of financial need.

This assistance is awarded on the basis of financial need, where the receipt of benefits, scholarships, destination, length of study and parental assistance are all taken into consideration.

Students may only receive the Global Exchange Scholarship once in the same degree.

In order to be awarded a Global Exchange Scholarship, students must;

Who is not eligible?

Selection Process

Global Exchange Scholarships are awarded to students who meet 100 percent of demonstrated financial need with the highest average marks in their current KU degrees. The decision regarding the success of the grant application is final and there is no appeal process.


Scholarships Office is only responsible for financial need grading which is between 0 and 4 (4 being the highest grade). Then, student’s cum. GPA grade is added to the financial need grade.

Financial Need Grade + cum. GPA = Student’s overall point for scholarship

The applicant must also meet all requirements of his/her choice of partner universities (such as English test score and type, standing and field of study) as stated on OIP’s web page.

Important to know;

Anatolian, Semahat Arsel and Suna-İnan Kıraç Scholarship students are also required to follow the regular application procedure.


While calculating the total amount of scholarship for students, the amount of the current scholarship and/or financial support given to each student is taken into consideration. The amount of current scholarships is deducted from the total GES amount and the rest is paid to the student as a financial support for his/her study abroad expenses. In this regard, the GES cannot be united with other scholarships and the total financial support for a GES recipient will not be above the total costs stated at OIP web page.



Global Exchange Scholarship results will be announced through e-mail notification by OIP.

Scholarship Amount

The pre-set amount of scholarships for two types of scholarship are as follows:

4000 TRY  for one semester. (Travel Grant)* 
18 000 TRY (max. amount) for one semester (Global Exchange)*
(* Koc University always has the right to change the amount and number of scholarships granted to students)

 How and when will I receive my grant/s?

Your grant will be paid by bank transfer into your Yapı Kredi (TL) bank account.

Provided that you have submitted your “Before Mobility” documents to OIP, you will normally receive payment in early/late July for the Fall Term, and in early/late October for the Spring Term.


Global Exchange Scholarship is only valid for the semester in which it is given. Scholarship cannot be transferred to another semester. Once you have been selected for an exchange semester with Global Exchange Scholarship, cancellation is possible only in exceptional cases (illness, important family commitments or unavoidable, unforeseen serious events) after you submit your Commitment Letter. Appropriate proof will be required.

Please contact your Exchange Advisor at OIP immediately in such cases. If a student cancels his or her exchange without a good cause, he or she is excluded from further participation in KU exchange programs.