GLLP: Informing and inspiring the leaders of change

GLLP: Informing and inspiring the leaders of change

A group of Global Learning and Leadership Program (GLLP) and KUGlobalAid students joined a summer program mixed with Brazilian partners on Leadership Development and Community Building Program in Santos, Brazil under the leadership of Mrs. Rena Polat Korkmaz, the program coordinator.  

Students worked hand in hand with the community, looking for their inner strength and beauty, their talents resulting in a talentshow, getting people united around collective dreams for their territory and mobilizing them to design a strategy of implementation of this dreamproject in a short time.

As a group students had a deep dive experience into appreciative enquiry, relationship centred work, co-designing methods, while at the same time they worked two days of the program shoulder to shoulder with people to make the dream project come true.













In this kind of enlightening and enlarging experiences, I love how the world comes smaller and deeper at time same time, in a sense that encourages me to discover it. After this experience I can tell that I feel more as a citizen of the world, because I’ve experienced the bonds created just through understanding of love and trust. I loved the philosophy of Elos, and how seeking the beauties and abundances around us can transform our thoughts and capabilities about our surroundings.

Meryem Duygu Açıkalın, GLLP Fellow


Oasis is an approach to consider people’s dreams instead of their problems. I found this approach really fascinating because our intuition was to teach the people that if a community works together, community has enough resources to build what they need. So maybe focusing on the problem is not always the best way to solve a problem. We need to see, connect, understand and listen to the problem. And it’s a process. It doesn’t happen with 2-3 hours of indoor work. You have to be on the field, listen to locals and think like locals.

Lara Özalp, GLLP Fellow


Personally the most valuable aspect of the event was being able to meet lots of different and warm- hearted people. Being able to get to know the group that I was working with and also the people in the community was very important and valuable to me. Even though I couldn’t speak the language with a little help of translation and gestures I was able to communicate with the community and getting to know them, their stories and their feelings is very precious.

Öykü Kırşan, GLLP Fellow


From the very first day we kept our focus on the dream rather than the problem. This is one of my vital conclusion from this program and I will keep using it in my future endeavours as a fundamental perspective that strengthens me and my team. I feel like I have an entirely novel part in me that will communicate with people from different cultures. Oasis was a true Global Citizenship experience and made me realize that the concept is real, something we should embrace in our entire lives.

Orhun Canca, GLLP Fellow


This experience has showed me a very organized way of doing field work. By taking each step with care and working together it is easier to get the results. Even in situations where you think there is no solution seeking abundance and seeing the beauty will lead to a more positive outcome.  This learning also made me realize that in the future I want to continue to work with people for a better world. I want to be a changemaker that always keeps inner strength and hope.
Deniz Ceren Canlı, GLLP Fellow; KUGlobalAid Member