Financial Support


Travel distances Amount
Between 100 e 499 km 180 EUR per participant
Between 500 e 1999 km 275 EUR per participant
Between 2000 e 2999 km 360 EUR per participant
Between 3000 e 3999 km 530 EUR per participant
Between 4000 e 7999 km 820 EUR per participant
8000 km or more 1100 EUR per participant

Important: these unit costs represent the linear distance between the city where the university of origin and the city where the host university are located. This is calculated automatically by a website indicated by the European Commission and cannot be subject to any change. The financial support allocated to the "travel distance" is the maximum allowed by the Erasmus+ Programme and is intended to contribute to the round trip back between the home and host institutions. In the event that the assigned value is insufficient to pay for the desired trip, the scholarship holder must find another sources of funding.


STUDENTS mobility(Studies - SMS) STAFF mobility (Academic Staff- STA) STAFF mobility (Administrative Staff - STT)
Mobility periods: 3 to 5 months
Origin Host Country Monthly allowance
Eligible Partner Countries Turkey (Programme Country – Group 2) 800 EUR / month
Programme Country (Turkey) Partner Country 650 EUR / month
Mobility periods: min. 5 working days, plus 2 days for travel.
The per diem amount for Staff:
- From the programme countries to the partner countries: 160 € per day up to 14 days of mobility and 112 € from the 15th day on
- From the partner countries to the programme countries: 140 € per day up to 14 days of mobility and 98 € from the 15th day on.

Duration of mobility activities

Important notes regarding the payment of the ICM grant

The grant is paid in EUR to your bank account. An initial payment will represent 70% of the estimated total amount of the grant. The remaining 30% is paid at the end of the mobility, once you have submitted the form “Confirmation of Study Period” and filled in the online evaluation sent to you through the Erasmus Mobility Tool.

To receive the grant before the start of your mobility, you must submit the requested documents in good time, that is, as soon as possible once you have received the admission e-mail and no later than two months before the start of your mobility. To make sure you receive your first payment before you leave, you must submit or send via courier the signed grant agreement and learning agreement for studies to the ICM Coordinator at Koc University two months prior to your departure. For example: If your mobility starts on 20 October, we must have received your signed Grant Agreement by 20 August, in order to have time to transfer the money before you leave, in which case please assume you will receive the money on 20 September. Exceptions to this rule may apply during holiday periods and/or if Koç University does not receive money from the Turkish National Agency on time.

Deduction from Grant

If a participant fails to submit and complete all the required paperwork to Koc University on time, the participant will be obliged to pay the grant received (70%) back to Koc University.

If a participant leaves the host university before minimum time frame given above and cannot present a legitimate reason* with proof, the participant’s exchange period is considered null and s/he has to return his/her grant (70%) to Koc University within the specified time frame.

*proven compelling reasons such as familial, health reasons, natural disaster .