Course Planning and Enrolment

Course Planning and Enrolment

The dates for course planning and enrollment will be shared with you via e-mail by OIP once announced by the Registrar’s Office.
Steps to take: 
Log into KUSIS with your KU username and ID:

Course Overload

Which students can overload?

Other students cannot overload. Students do not pay an extra fee for overloading in Fall and Spring semesters. However, students who satisfy one or more of the overload criteria need to pay the additional course fee for the third course they take in Summer term.

(*) Note: College of Engineering students at Freshman status, who satisfy one or more of the conditions above, may only overload with the approval of their advisor.

Withdrawal from a Course 

Prerequisite: Some intermediate and advanced courses will require an introductory study in the related subject. In such cases, the course instructor or your advisor will look for the proper prerequisites in your previous studies. Should you wish to take a class without the required prerequisites, you can talk to the instructor for special permission.
Independent Study: KU offers independent study as a way for students to earn credit for specialized projects. These projects can take the form of research, experiential learning, etc. To receive permission for independent study projects, students must first get in contact with and ensure the support of a KU faculty member.
Research Assistant Positions: KU offers the opportunity for students to work alongside academics as research assistants on a voluntary basis. For detailed information on opportunities, please consult this link.