After Placement

Only students who have signed and submitted the Student Commitment Form [Taahhütname] will be nominated to their host institutions by our Office.

To cancel your application after submitting the Student Commitment Form, you need to bring a petition to the office.

If students cancel their exchange without informing the exchange office, they gain -10 points when they make a new application to Global Exchange Program.


Nominations are conducted by our Office. You are not required to do anything for the nomination process except submitting your Student Commitment Form to the office.

An eligibility check is done before nominating a student.
Please note that nominations take time and that fall students are nominated before spring students.


The requirements for application may vary for each institution. Students are responsible for checking the host institution's website for any information that might be useful for the application procedure. Partner institutions sometimes post necessary information on their websites instead of sending e-mails.

According to the bilateral agreement between partner university , students do not pay the tuition fee for the partner university during their exchange term. The other expenses are expected to be paid by student (housing or travel or book expenses etc.).

Obtain, complete and send the "Application Form" of your host institution before the application deadline. Make sure that you include any other supplementary documents that are required by your host institution. Note that the application forms may be online. Information as to the exact application procedure may be found on each school's application form or website.

Any late application or missing document risks your admission. We strongly advise you to send your documents as soft copies via e-mail before sending them through surface mail. This will help secure the safe receipt of your application on time.

Another document that partner institutions might request during your application is a copy of your passport. If you do not have a passport or you need to extend it when you submit an application, you can visit our office and see Nihan Beşler, who will provide you with a letter for passport fee exemption and explain the next steps to follow.

Expect to receive your Letter of Acceptance [Kabul Mektubu] from your host institution no later than two months prior to your departure date. On many occasions, the acceptance letters are first received by our Office and then forwarded to students. In case your letter of acceptance is received by yourself directly, please bring a copy of it to the office.

Remember that the country that you are traveling to may require you to obtain a visa. Please make sure that you know the visa application requirements for that country. Check the Consulates' web pages. Note that only Consulates can provide correct information about visa procedures. Our Office is neither authorized to nor capable of overseeing your visa applications.

Consulates often require a Letter of Acceptance (signed and stamped) and a letter proving your financial capacity.