Changing Roles of Academic Libraries in Digital Era

Changing Roles of Academic Libraries in Digital Era

Asia-Pacific region & Turkey Library Week, 

Istanbul 14-18 October 2019

Koç University Libraries happily invite you to their Asia-Pacific region & Turkey Library Week, which will be held in Istanbul during 14-18 October 2019.
Participating in the Erasmus+ and seeking to engage in International programs, Koç University Libraries with its main Library and its branches in 3 different cities in Turkey, started the tradition of hosting such types of International events in 2018. 4 big events brought together 54 International Academic and Research Librarians in total, along with Turkish colleagues from Koç and other Universities in Istanbul.



This experience created the motivation to continue providing a dynamic and engaging program for Library colleagues from all around the world. Through this week Library staff and visitors will have the chance to engage into fruitful discussions and exchange of professional and personal experiences, which will broaden their perspective on issues related to Information Science, strengthen their skills and hopefully plant the roots for future collaboration on joint projects.

Koç University is a leading University in Turkey and among the top Universities of its category in the world. As such, it provides a multinational educational environment which enhances knowledge, supports innovation and encourages joint international research projects. Concurrently, research conducted at Koç University contributes to scientific development on an international scale and bolsters technological, economic and social development. The University consistently strives to advance knowledge through its efforts and among others, in 2006 it established the Center for Asian Studies (KUASIA). The mission of the KUASIA is to produce and disseminate high quality comparative and interdisciplinary academic and policy-relevant research on Asia. Thus, it is an excellent opportunity to carry out research and promote young scholars and students to study various topics of relevance to Asia and Turkey in the 21st Century.

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More details on the event you can find in the following LibGuide and the Facebook event.
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See you in Istanbul!