Student Visa, Residence Permit and Health Insurance

Student Visa

Students who will be studying in Turkey are required to have a STUDENT VISA for the duration of their academic stay. It is the exchange student’s responsibility to apply for a student visa prior to entering Turkey using their acceptance letter from Koç University.

Residence Permit

According to Turkish regulations, all international students who will study in Turkey are required to apply for a residence permit at İstanbul Yabancilar Sube Mudurlugu (Police Department for Foreigners - only one application branch) within the first month of their arrival. All exchange students are required to get a residence permit. Please note that if you fail to depart Turkey by the expiration date on the residence permit document, you will have to pay a penalty and may not be admitted back into Turkey for a certain amount of time. If you leave Turkey without obtaining your residence permit, your student visa will be canceled and you will have to go back home to get a new one. Additionally, if you stay in Turkey for more than 90 days without a residence permit your stay will be illegal. For these reasons, please do not plan any trips outside Turkey before you get your residence permit and make sure that your stay without a residence permit does not exceed 90 days.  

Koç University External Affairs Office and Office of International Programs arrange your residence permit application and appointments in your name before your arrival. So, you will just submit the necessary documents to the Office of International Programs and we will arrange your appointments at the related police department.

Required Documents for Residence Permit Application

Passport You need to have a valid passport in hand during your stay in Turkey.  The Office of International Programs at Koç University will ask you to bring your original valid passports once your trip to the Police Station for the first appointment of residence permit is set.

4 Identical Photos  You need to have ready 4 identical photos for the residence permit application. Please keep in mind that non-identical, photocopied or black and white photos will not be accepted.

Application Fee Koç University Office of International Programs will inform you about the residence permit application fee and collect the required amount upon your arrival at Koç University (Approximately 210 TL). 

Application Procedure for Residence Permit Upon your arrival, you will be required to go to İstanbul Yabancilar Sube Mudurlugu (Police Department for Foreigners) twice. The first appointment is for submitting the forms for the residence permit. The second appointment is for picking up the residence permit. Koç University External Affairs Office arranges free of charge shuttles for both appointments that will take students to the related police department. One of our staff from Koç University External Affairs Office and your mentors will accompany you to help you complete the paperwork.

For students who miss the appointments for residence permit application Koç University will not be getting an appointment for a second time. No shuttles will be arranged and the student will be expected to finalize the whole procedure on his/her own.  Since it is a legal requirement, students who fail to get a residence permit will be unregistered from the university.

 Address Declaration

International Students who are not living on campus are obliged to declare their residential address to the police in person. However, since it is a time consuming and difficult process, the Office of International Programs will be helping you declare your address during your stay in Turkey for security reasons.

Failure to declare address will result in legal enforcements. To avoid this, we will be helping you with the whole procedure.

    Address Declaration Procedure

Step 1    : Knowing your residential address, correctly and in full.

Step 2    : Submitting OIP the copy of your Residence Permit you will get when you are here and copy of the ID page of your Passport.

Step 3    : Being at the meeting place on main campus on the appointment date (You will be informed by OIP about day and time).

Health Insurance (Last Updated on April 2nd 2014)

Recently the Ministry of Health has issued a new regulation about international students’ social security coverage in Turkey. With the new regulation starting in Fall 2013, international students will not be required to purchase a health insurance and pay premiums unless they have no other coverage and would like to be insured by a private insurance company in Turkey. Students are advised to have their insurance started prior to their trip to Turkey at their home country and make sure they are covered for the duration of their stay in Turkey. Also, each accepted student will be offered options to be covered by a private insurance company in Turkey if they have no other health insurance. The information and payment details will be provided at the time of their application to Koc University.