Estimated Costs Per Semester

Housing $1100-1200 or €800-1500 plus a refundable deposit
Food $1100-1300 or €800-1000
Transportation $800 or €600
Books $200 or €150


Practical price list

Student menu at KU  : around 6TL
Ready-meal                 : around 5TL
Bread                            : 1TL
Water (per lt)                : 1TL
Fruit & Vegetables (per kg) varies from 1TL to 4TL
Chicken & Meat & Fish (per kg) varies from 7TL to 20TL
Pasta & Rice (per kg) varies from 1TL to 4TL
Sugar & Salt (per kg) around 2TL
Tea/Coffee (a cup) 1.5TL -  5TL
Beer: 3TL - 8TL
KU Campus - Sarýyer: 1.5TL
Sarýyer - Beþiktaþ: 2TL
Sarýyer - Taksim: 2TL
Taxi (Taksim): 50TL
Cinema ticket: 15TL
Concert ticket: from 25TL
Haircut: from 15TL

Conversion rate:
1€ = 2TL
1$ = 1.5TL